Greatness Awaits!

The New York State Fair is a memory machine. As we walked around, Janine and I recalled events set in this location from various decades of our lives.

The Art & Home Center reminded me of all the times Gramma won blue ribbons for her crochet. This building is always my first stop once past the gates because there never seems to be a line at the bathroom there.

This year we saw this wonderful display of miniatures. The hobby brings together collections from across the state and they really spark the imagination.

The Horticulture building brought reflections of waiting in line for a free baked potato. There is still a line, but it is not free, lol. This year we viewed floral arrangements there and tasted maple-infused products.

Janine shared stories of going on rides as a child and bringing her kids when they were little. I love the way the mid-way looks at night!

The Dairy building with its annual butter sculpture – that is such an iconic part of the experience. The sculpture is inside a refrigerated case and it rotates like the stage in the Toronto production of Les Miserables I saw many years ago. I would say it matches the drama as well.

Last time I attended the Fair (two years ago), Joey and I saw Train at the Suburban Park location. This year Janine and I enjoyed the tail end of the REO Speedwagon concert.

It’s like a memory wrapped inside a memory encased in gold.

In the early seventies, Dad would take Kathy and me to the Fair on a Tuesday because that was always his day off. We always got steamed clams for lunch. This year, I had a lobster roll at the Colosseum followed later by a maple-flavored milkshake from the Horticulture building.

New experiences worked their way into future nostalgia. The Expo Center, where I had to go to get those Covid shots, is currently home to another animatronic dinosaur exhibit, albeit on a grander scale than the one at the MOST.

The Center of Progress building has always been home to merchants and in recent years, houses a giant sand sculpture. This year we had fun at a political news conference photo op booth poking fun at the NY State assembly.

People watching is at its prime. I saw two former students (thanks, Savannah and Hope!) and ran into my grandmother’s nephew and wife (love you, Mickey and Connie!).

There is something for everyone at the great New York State Fair. The theme this year, as expressed on the cover of the map flyer, is Greatness Awaits! There’s still a week to go before it ends on Labor Day. You can get tickets on-line or buy them at the gate with a credit or debit card. Check out their web-site for the deets.

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