Max-imum Effort


I introduced the work of Peter Max to students in two of my classes. I still encouraged them to create their own style on their Statue of Liberty paintings.  Some did respond to the energy in his brush strokes.

These are acrylic paintings on 16″ x 20″ canvas panels.

I really love teaching students about a contemporary artist who is still alive.  They could potentially meet Peter Max, as he visits galleries that represent him all over the country – all the time.

Max will be in Short Hills, NJ on November 14, 2015, Ft. Worth, TX on Nov. 21 and 22, and King of Prussia, PA on Nov. 28.

Here is a link to his website –

I was looking for rhythm and texture.  These paintings were part of my SLO tests.  New York State art teachers are required to give tests that are authentic assessments.  These were graded by my colleague.  I then grade her tests, so that we retain a more objective result.  Detail and composition were also assessed.

The only problem with this type of grading system is emotion is thrown under the bus.  The other teacher does not see the commitment, the emotional journey a student takes when learning to paint.  She doesn’t see the eureka moments and the process to create the product.  Oh well.  In the attempt to standardize, we roll with those punches.  Can’t fight to liberate ourselves from the standardization of public school.

Can you see the Max in them?