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Fashion Magic

Rachel Zoe top, 7 For All Mankind jeans, BCBGeneration sandals

Here is my new favorite outfit!  I love this Rachel Zoe top so much – I bought it in white too!  And adding spandex to jeans is the most brilliant concept the fashion world has ever known.  These 7 For All Mankind cropped ankle jeans are so spectacular.  They totally move with me like a second skin.  My most recent purchase.  Lately, every time I buy something, I say to myself – okay, after this you don’t really need anything else.  LOL!  Needless to say, that thought is fleeting.

Rachel Zoe top, Calvin Klein jeans, Nine West booties
Honora necklace, Banana Republic sweater, BCBGMaxAzria pants and booties

I also recently acquired these BCBGMaxAzria silk velvet cargo pants in teal – one of the major colors this season.  They are amazing in every way!  Soft, elastic waist, cropped so that they did not need hemming… OMG!  Love!!! ❤

Free People top, Banana Republic pants, BCBGeneration booties

And the Sloan fit pant from Banana Republic – I bought them in both garnet and charcoal.  The red ones were on some ridiculous sale because they were the last pair and happened to be in my size.  I think they ended up being only $20!

Banana Republic cardigan and pants, Rachel Zoe top, Nine West booties

Here are the rest of my #ootd pics since school resumed.  Some are weekend shots.  I really love all my Rachel Zoe tops.  The fabrication is top notch.  I buy them on-line as no stores in Syracuse, New York carry her.  Same goes for Trina Turk.  Actually, shopping on-line is the way I prefer acquiring my wardrobe.  Sometimes I try on BCBG and other stuff while at Lord & Taylor.  I spent a couple hours in there trying on jeans last week so that I could ascertain my size and the best fit.  Turns out I am a standard size 2 across the board in Hudson, Joe’s Jeans and 7 For All Mankind (0 in Banana and XS or XXS in BCBG depending on the cut).  Yes!!!!!  And…I love it when something comes in the mail and it is a perfect fit.  It is just like magic!  Because, of course, fashion is magical.

BCBGMaxAzria romper, BCBGeneration booties
Free People cardigan and dress, BCBGeneration booties
Halston Heritage dress, BCBGeneration booties
Trina Turk dress, BCBGMaxAzria belt and sandals
BCBGMaxAzria dress and belt, BCBGeneration sandals
Lucky Brand top, BCNGMaxAzria skirt, BCBGeneration booties
BCBGMaxAzria dress, Coach clutch, BCBGeneration booties
BCBGMaxAzria top and booties, Trina Turk skirt, Michelle DaRin bracelets
Free People top, Trina Turk skirt, BCBGMaxAzria sandals
Honora necklace, BCBGMaxAzria dress, BCBGeneration booties
Free People cardigan and dress, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots
BCBGeneration dress and booties
Free People dress, BCBGeneration booties
Banana Republic dress, BCBGMaxAzria booties

Summer #ootd

Rachel Zoe top, BCBGMaxAzria shorts and sandals
Rachel Zoe dress, BCBGeneration sandals and clutch
BCBGMaxAzria romper and belt, BCBGeneration booties and clutch
BCBGMaxAzria romper and belt, BCBGeneration sandals, Michelle DaRin bracelet
BCBGMaxAzria crop top and skirt, Nine West sandals, Coach clutch
BCBGMaxAzria romper, BCBGeneration booties, Coach clutch
Rachel Zoe top, BCBGMaxAzria shorts and shoes, Fossil bracelets, Coach clutch
Rachel Zoe top, Banana Republic shorts, BCBGeneara

So Worth It




Worth is an amazing luxury clothing line, which is sold via their website, www.worthnewyork.com and through individual stylists.  The Worth collection is in town until August 3, 2017.  It will eventually make its way back, adding the holiday collection in October.  I visited the salon on E. Seneca Street in Manlius, New York today with my friend Jackie Terribile, the Small Town Stylist.




The clothing is truly magnificent.  Exquisite fabrics – the finest silks, cashmeres and buttery soft leathers and suedes.  OMG, everything is as light as a feather, and fits true to size.

Worth dress, BCBGeneration booties



Each item from the collection is available to view in limited sizes and from there orders are taken.  It is a collection definitely worth seeing, feeling, touching and wearing.  The quality inside and out is just the best – everything so beautifully finished with attention to the tiniest details.  Love, love, loved it! ❤


If you visit the website to shop, you will find opportunities to join the team.  You can find a stylist in your area or become one.  These clothes are in the realm of direct sales and not available in stores.  Naturally, seeing the merchandise in person is best because the camera doesn’t always do justice to perfection.  I am still intoxicated by the gorgeousness of those leather jackets.  I am in some sort of fashion heaven right now….







Me & Karl L.

Free People dress, BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots
BCBGMaxAzria dress, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots

These Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots are in heavy rotation right now.  They are 2 1/2″ heel – over the knee boots in both blue and black suede.  I couldn’t decide which color to get, and you know that meant I had to have both of them.  So comfortable, so amazing!  They go with everything in my closet.  It is incredible how a new item makes everything else that’s old appear fresh again.  Karl Lagerfeld Paris definitely gets the Tashionista seal of approval. ❤ ❤ ❤

Banana Republic cardigan, Trina Turk top and skirt, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots
Banana Republic cashmere cardigan and skirt, Warner Bros. T-shirt, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots
Banana Republic cardigan, Trina Turk dress, BCBGMaxAzria belt, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots
Berkeley Cashmere cardigan, Free People dress, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots
Free People cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria T-shirt and dress, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots
Free People cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots


Playing Catch Up

BCBGMaxAzria romper and belt, Ralph Lauren boots
Banana Republic top and skirt, Hue tights, Nine West booties
Lord & Taylor cashmere cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, Nine West booties

We had a snow day today, so… I’m playing catch up on blogging.  Here are my most recent outfits of the day.  I got paint on my new Free People tunic top and on something else – spent the day doing laundry and tidying/organizing my closet.  A lot of re-runs this post.  I went heavy on the leggings in order to go hiking right after school before it got too dark.  Along with this snowmegeddon thing, the time change screwed with my perfect world.  But then again, I only have to work one day this week – tomorrow.  That is, if this snow actually lets up.  Crazy!  What am I gonna wear?  Lol, decisions, decisions.

Michelle DaRin jewelry, BCBGMaxAzria dress, Hue tights, NIne West booties
BCBGMaxAzria dress, Steve Madden boots
BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, BCBGeneration sandals
Michelle DaRin jewelryFree People tunic top, INC pants, Nine West sandals
Michelle DaRin jewelry,Free People dress, BCBGeneration sandals
Michelle DaRin jewelry, Banana Republic dress, Nine West boots
BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, Nine West booties
Free People cardigan, Warner Bros. Harry Potter/Gryffindor T-shirt, Banana Republic skirt, Nine West booties
BCBGMaxAzria top and belt, Banana Republic leather shell, Trina Turk skirt, Hue tights, Coach booties
Trina Turk dress, Hue tights, Nine West booties
Bailey 44 top, Calvin Klein jeans, BCBGeneration sandals
BCBGMaxAzria tops, Banana Republic pants, BCBGeneration booties
BCBGMaxAzria cardigan, tops, and pants, BCBGeneration booties
JCrew blazer, Bailey 44 top, 7 For All Mankind Jeans, Nine West booties
JCrew cardigan, Rachel Roy top, Champion leggings, Nine West booties
Free People top, BCBGMaxAzria pants, BCBGeneration booties
Michelle DaRin jewelry, Banana Republic cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria top and pants, Nine West booties
BCBGMaxAzria dress and leggings, Nine West booties
Vintage necklace, BCBGMaxAzria dress, Nine West boots
Michelle DaRin jewelry, Trina Turk dress, Nine West booties
Banana Republic suit, Calvin Klein belt, JCrew tissue T-shirt, BCBGeneration sandals
Free People tunic top, BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, Nine West booties



BCBGMaxAzria dress, Steve Madden boots
Trina Turk dress, BCBGeneration sandals
Free People cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria dress, BCBGenration booties

I allowed myself to fall into the trap of disappointment once again, an energy that I would gladly trade for anything else in the world, lol.  The problem always lies when I forget to stay present, when I imagine a particular future then become attached to it to the point that when it doesn’t manifest I have this wonky misery.  Like, I bring it on myself, and can even make myself sick over it until finally I arrive at the place I belong, in the present moment (yes!) where nothing has really changed at all.

Nine West cap, BCBGMaxAzria sweater, Banana Republic skirt, Ellen Tracy boots
Coach headband, Berkeley Cashmere cardigan, Banana Republic dress, BCBGeneration sandals, Michelle DaRin bracelet

This funk doesn’t happen often.  I am usually so la-la-la positive, so when I fall out of that, I fall kind of hard.  Like migraine headache hard.  But I take solace in aesthetics.  In the beauty of the world – the love I have for friends, family and pets; the incredible feeling I have when I hike around Green Lakes; the delight I take in listening to live local bands (I am a first-class groupie!); the exquisite artwork my students are creating; the smell of beeswax when I am working on encaustic paintings; the satisfaction of seeing my own art on the walls of a restaurant; and, of course, fashion.

Banana Republic cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria dress, Mia shoes
BCBGMaxAzria top and skirt, BCBGeneration sandals

I just love fashion.  It’s fun to put myself together for work, to put my best stilettoed foot forward.  I wore a lot of skirts and dresses in the past two weeks.  The weather in Syracuse, New York has been magnificent!

Trina Turk top and skirt, BCBGeneration booties
BCBGMaxAzria top and skirt, BCBGeneration sandals

Life is a fun dream, isn’t it?  Even the perceived bad is really good in disguise and it allows me to have faith in the knowledge that whatever happens is for the best.  The universe is my best friend and ultimately, my life is a romantic comedy.  Thank you, Almighty, for putting me in situations that bring me closer to my wishes/prayers/dreams every day.  I trust you. ❤

Michelle DaRin choker, Rachel Roy top, Banana Republic skirt, Nine West booties

Dressing the Part

BCBGMaxAzria dress, Guess sandals
BCBGMaxAzria dress, BCBGeneration sandals

I am back to work and school!  It is fun getting dressed up, not so fun going into a building with no air conditioning, but I adjusted to it within days.  And today – it actually felt cold in here!

Trina Turk dress, BCBGeneration sandals
Michelle DaRin jewelry, Trina Turk top and skirt, BCBGeneration sandals

I spent the summer in exercise clothes, bikinis and shorts.  I hiked seven miles a day and did pilates twice a week or so.  Working on fitting teaching into my exercise schedule, lol.

Vintage necklace, Bailey 44 top and skirt, BCBGeneration sandals
BCBGMaxAzria top, Trina Turk skirt, BCBGeneration sandals

As for artwork, I took down my art show at the Sullivan Library  in Chittenango, New York, and I plan to exhibit the Talisman paintings in October at the Half Moon Bakery and Bistro in Jamesville, New York.  Eight paintings are still on display in the Lawrence Pavilion at Summit Medical Group in New Jersey.  They will be there until January, I think, unless the show gets extended.

BCBGMaxAzria dress, Coach booties, Honora necklace

Penny Santy is showing her paintings in the Chittenango Middle School library!  She will give a presentation about them on November 15, 2016.  I am planning to do some projects based on her work.  Four classes will be doing oil pastels or paintings of cows and bulls as part of my SLO tests.

In addition, I’m planning lessons on George Rodrigue, Jasper Johns, Keith Haring, Wolf Kahn, Japanese wood block prints and Greek mythology.  So fun!

Bailey 44 top, BCBGMaxAzria skirt, Nine West sandals
Banana Republic top and skirt, Michelle DaRin jewelry, BCBGeneration booties