Central Perk Halloween

Yes, Dad, believe it or not. I am pretending to be a waitress today. You can call me Rachel.

I’m actually kind of loving this apron. It is so handy. Today it’s filled with Central Perk straws, napkins and an order pad, but I could easily shove art supplies into it.

I love when an accessory can turn clothes I already own into a Halloween costume for work. (Banana Republic T-shirt, Trina Turk skirt, Rebecca Minkoff boots, Via Spiga tights)

I also love sharing the experience with my colleague, Mrs. C. So fun!

#artteachers #twinning #thetworachels #centralperk #friends

Happy Halloween!

One Dollar’s Worth

Found this seventy cent spill at the bank this morning! Lucky-lucky! I also received a $20 bill with 777 in the serial number and saw a license plate with 777 on it. Nothing else needs to happen to make this rainy day any more amazing, but I will welcome more amazing things/experiences with open arms. Thank you, universe! I am up to $3.62 in found money for 2023!