Dresses with Pockets

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In my attempt to do a theme week, I selected short dresses with pockets. I love deep pockets! Clearly, I need a fifth dress with pockets to finish off the week. I had to insert a skirt on Thursday – but in its defense, OMG, the pockets are enormous. <3

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In other news, my school picture was in my mailbox yesterday. I stood in a long line that day on the cafetorium stage, waiting my turn after a group of fifth graders had theirs. Is it all airbrushed? Because it is one of the best school pictures I have ever taken in twenty-five years of teaching. I think it was a new company or something, I’m not sure but, regardless, I am delighted with the results.

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Marisol @ Warhol

The Andy Warhol Museum is located at 117 Sandusky Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212. Jessica Beck, the museum’s Milton Fine curator of art, has organized an amazing exhibition pairing Warhol and Marisol Escobar (1930-2016). The show is titled Marisol and Warhol Take New York.

It is a trip down memory lane, a story of two artists navigating the Pop Art world of NYC circa the 1960s. Marisol’s sculptures are an exquisite marriage between geometric wood blocks and proficient rendering skill. These three-dimensional portraits depict social values and popular culture tomes with whimsy and bold panache. I just love her work.

My friend Joyce and her family took a trip there last weekend. On Saturday, October 23, 2021, Jessica Beck will lead a tour of the show, complete with art making and sketching activities from noon to 4:00 pm.

The exhibition continues through February 14, 2022. In April, it will travel to the Perez Art Museum, Miami FL. Contact the museum for more info – (412) 237-8300.

The Silk-Leather Punch

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Last week was all about the silk and leather combo. I’ve been trying to stick to themes and this one is my favorite. The previous week it was cotton T-shirt and leather, which is the more casual version of what is becoming my school uniform.

We are currently glazing clay projects, painting and finishing up the Lions Club peace poster contest. Posters are due on October 22nd. First marking period ends on November 5th.

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I attended two weddings last weekend – one on Saturday night and the other on Monday afternoon. I would like to live my life in gowns from now on, if that can be arranged – thank you….

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I dressed for comfort last week. Separates featuring leather and T-shirts. Four classes finished a clay project, two are using colored pencil and two are painting. I found my denim apron in the big cupboard by my desk while looking for something else. Yessssssss – because things are about to start getting messy.

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Most of the boxes on the back counter are filled with the new glazes I’d ordered. Many of the items I purchased for this year are on back order though. I can’t remember what I have planned for tomorrow, lol. When I planned ahead, like, you know, in August, it was with the notion that the supplies would be available – but no biggie. It will all work itself out.

P.S. My clothes reflect the art – Sugar Skulls are a theme. Also: Butterflies. <3

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Finding hearts on the trails at Green Lakes State Park gives me a feeling of clarity, guiding me to everything my heart desires. That is when I know I am in alignment with my source energy. Call it god or the universe, or whatever you like. Love is always the answer, no matter the question. #gratitude #blessed #lifeisgood

The Influencer

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The theme for this week was going to be peasant top meets leather but it went wonky due to my inability to stick to a theme. I have a lot of leather skirts and pants – I guess I will continue this bit through next week and see how it goes.

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Meanwhile, I am getting a bunch of requests to be a brand ambassador/fashion influencer via Instagram. And I didn’t even have to buy fake bots! (If you saw that documentary on HBOMax, you know what I am referring to there). Stay tuned….

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Kids & Keith

There is still time to visit the Fenimore Art Museum in Cooperstown, New York. The Keith Haring exhibit will be on display until October 11, 2021. Meanwhile, on the walls of Chittenango Middle School, my students’ artwork is currently on display. It took a lot of heavy-duty stickies to get them to stay up – the tile was not particularly cooperative.

ISO Fish Fry – The Fish Friar

Kathy and I went downtown on Saturday night to hang at the Italian Festival, which happens every year around this time (except last year because of the Covid situation). There was Italian food and music, and cover band dance music under tents and on two different stages around City Hall in Syracuse, New York.

Although I have a lot of Italian friends and recently found a lot of Italian in my own DNA, I don’t particularly like Italian food, Luckily, Kathy treated me to dinner at The Fish Friar, which is located right across from City Hall in downtown Syracuse.

Presentation: As you can see from the pictures, the presentation is divine. These fish sandwiches were $15 and came with two sides. Kathy selected house salad and macaroni salad and I had the roasted carrots and coleslaw.

Taste: Although I ate everything on my plate, I thought it was too salty (don’t hate me The Fish Friar fans). It was saltier than I remembered it from eating it the last time I was there.

Restaurant Experience: The restaurant is adorable! Small but comfortable. We ate outside at one of about five tables. The bathroom is very clean as well. :). The service was spectacular. It was such a beautiful night. We enjoyed the sound of the local cover band, Hard Promises, playing on the large stage set up for Italian Fest and later got all front and center to dance and sing along. We also spotted our cousins who strolled by and stopped to chat. Overall, it is an amazing place for a dinner date.

Location: The Fish Friar is located at the corner of Washington and Montgomery Streets in Syracuse, NY. They are open Tuesday-Saturday from 11:00 am – 9:00 pm and Saturdays from 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm. They offer an on-line service on their website. Call (315) 468-FISH for the deets.

Parking: There is no parking lot for The Fish Friar. Street parking only. Because there is currently so much construction on the roads in the city and many streets were blocked off for this immense Italian block party, we parked in a pay lot by the Civic Center and walked over. <3

Silk Week Featuring Rachel Zoe

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So, I was trying out a thing – theme weeks for my work attire. Last week it was black. This week I wore silk every day. Themes are challenging because they limit what you can and cannot wear. This can be a good thing when you have so many clothes in your closet that it makes you focus only on a few key items. And on the flip side, the limitations are frustrating because sometimes you just want to reach for a cotton T–shirt or whatever. I know that when they tell us we are having a jeans day on a Friday – I don’t always feel like wearing jeans.

#kesnyc #tashkovski #bcbgmaxazria #rachelzoe #allsaints #ragandbone

It really all depends on the weather. And with teaching art, it also depends on what materials we are using – how messy they are. It was very warm in the classroom. I had several moments of overheating, which looked like a menopausal freak show, but was really just a lot of people in a room with no air conditioning wearing masks that make your face sweat and then whoooosh – your whole body, lol. It was happening to the thirteen-year-old boys and girls too.

Wearing silk helped with that. Thank you, Rachel Zoe for your beautiful light weight creations. I cut off the off-shoulder top’s sleeves on the embroidered silk/cotton top (above) and tried it as a layered tube top thingy, which I loved.

#kesnyc #tashkovski #ullajohnson #bcbgmaxazria

A thank you also goes out to Ulla Johnson for this magnificent lightweight slip and dress combo, all silk, that I wore for the first time backwards. When I bought the dress, it was featured as a high neck tunic with a bow at the back of the neck, but I wore it with the bow in front as more of a V-neck and loved it. The other way, the neckline sort of flopped in a funny way, like it was too big and so, this dress had been relegated to the back of my closet. Now you may see it in a heavier rotation.

I know it isn’t as flattering to go with the moo-moo look, as my colleague Katy calls it, but we both love the comfort of dresses like this for work. The dress isn’t particularly editorial but in real life, it is really beautiful with a delicate embroidery throughout the sheer fabric.

#kesnyc #tashkovski #allsaints #halston #trinaturk #bcbgmaxazria

I completed silk week with this Halston one-shouldered top that I wore with an Allsaints T-shirt underneath. I paid full price when I bought this top from Neiman Marcus. It has this fabulous drape that I love so muchy-much. I am wearing it in my Facebook profile picture. It’s one of my favorite pieces!

Because I blog my outfits, I feel like I need to wear everything in my closet and have something different on all the time, like the characters do on the new incarnation of Dynasty on the CW. And I guess that has to be fine with me. Clothes are an obsession. Clothes? Fashion, really, and knowing my own style. I will spend every penny on my wardrobe. Eating and paying bills – that stuff is overrated, lol. #whatwillshewearnext? <3