Drawing a Horse

Here is a video I made in September 2020 during the teaching remotely phase of school. This is a middle school lesson – it was originally meant for 8th grade but I also did the lesson with 7th graders last year. It goes along with the horse lesson using Jaune “Quick-to-see” Smith as a reference, although it can be used for many different lessons or as a stand alone. I am currently using butterflies for the images in my Smith painting lesson. I may post about them in the future.

If you want to see more videos – I am planning to revise my channel and maybe even start vlogging! They will probably be just as raw and unedited as this one is – I’m not tech savvy.

Please subscribe. Right now I think I have three subscribers (and one may or may not be me). It’s a new path – let’s see where it takes me. P.S. I love www.youtube.com! 🙂

Invention Video

I made a video last year when we were teaching art remotely. I decided to upload it to my YouTube channel tonight – I am experimenting with new ways of using social media. Will it go viral? That would be amazing!

The video goes with my blog post “The Invention Story”. It is the same lesson.

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Tashkovski bracelet, Honora necklace, Equipment leather dress, Rag & Bone boots
Theory cashmere sweater, Joe’s Jeans leather pants, Rag & Bone boots
Rebecca Taylor leather top, Zadig & Voltaire leather skirt, Rag & Bone boots

Here are my most recent outfits of the day at work/school. I feel like my look is sort of romantic/bohemian/natural fiber/modern.

Life has been a lot of fun! I am still loving taking these pictures every morning, loving the projects we are doing in art class and the fun we are having.

Eastern Standard Time is my jam. It is so great to have sunshine past 7:00 pm – it feels amazing. It is a condition that brings me so much joy.

Yesterday was the anniversary of our school exodus in 2020. We have come a long way since then.

For one, we are all into Wordle. We all take about five minutes during Study Halls to play and when that isn’t satisfying enough we move to Wordle Unlimited.

So fun!

Cinq a Sept silk dress, Rag & Bone boots
Rebecca Taylor top, Ralph Lauren skirt, Rag & Bone boots
Faithfull the Brand top, Trina Turk skirt, Nine West boots
Allsaints top, belt and skirt, Rag & Bone boots
BCBGMaxAzria top and belt, Ralph Lauren skirt, Rag & Bone
Theory cardigan, Faithfull the Brand linen dress, Joe’s Jeans leather pants, Rag & Bone boots
Free People cardigan, Allsaints leather dress, Rag & Bone boots
Free People cardigan and dress, Rag & Bone boots
Rebecca Taylor leather top, Frame jeans, Rag & Bone boots
Rebecca Taylor leather top, Zadig & Voltaire leather skirt, Rag & Bone boots
C by Bloomingdales cashmere turtleneck, Coach leather skirt, Rag & Bone boots
Tashkovski bracelet, BCBGMaxAzria dress, Rag & Bone boots

ISO Fish Fry – At Home

Presentation: I love my dishes! They are Lenox French Perle in Ice Blue. They are my “for company” dishes. I have a set from Crate & Barrel for every day use.

Taste: The bread was soft and fresh. The Groton’s fish was good but definitely dry as compared to every restaurant experience I have ever had. I did not like the coleslaw – it was very mayo heavy. I did not have a second side dish. I drank Starbucks dark roast iced coffee in my Bubba, which is my drink of choice and something restaurants don’t serve.

Restaurant Experience: I love the kitchen in my turn of the century bungalow! I bought new Samsung appliances last year. I usually have almost nothing in the refrigerator and I use the oven once a month if that, so it is pretty clean. I had to wash the dishes – I don’t have a dishwasher.

The whole meal cost about $20, but that included four pieces of fish, four buns, at least four servings of coleslaw and a large container of tartar sauce. Everything came from Wegman’s.

Location: I live in central New York.

Parking: I have a garage. I pay a plowing service a lump sum for the season to keep the driveway clear of snow in the winter.

Pablo Tashkovski

Yesterday was this beautiful, sunny day. I hiked seven miles then ran errands. Today, so far at least, is an indoor day. We had a snowstorm.

Here are some pictures of my cat. The weather is not a factor in his life. He’s not conditional – unless I don’t get up at 5:00 am to feed him. Pablo eats a gastrointestinal prescription diet of dry and wet cat food provided by Royal Canin. I would love to see his face on the packaging. I mean, who wouldn’t want their pet to have his own modeling contract?

Cats are a recurring theme in my artwork. Did Pablo’s namesake paint cats? Yes!

Mid-Winter Reflection

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Here are my outfits from the past couple of weeks. Just getting around to posting – I am on Mid-Winter break right now. For a while there, I wasn’t even feeling like having my picture taken because we were knee deep in an acrylic painting project and I was washing brushes every day. I was wearing some of my back-of-the-closet stuff paired with smock and apron layering.

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They have lifted the mask wearing rule in regular life but not yet at school.

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I’ve been removing the mask for my photo ops with the exception of this one (above). It is a denim mask from Mother – the first one I bought in 2020. This is the first time I wore it. The fabric is super thick and I could barely breathe in it, lol, but it was the only thing pulling this look together. Oh, and I sounded like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoon that day. No one could understand a thing I said.

I wore the red jacket for a Valentine/Heart Association day combo. I wasn’t feeling like wearing red that day because I am not a fan of the “let’s all dress the same” scenario. I prefer to choose outfits based on how my body feels, what I am doing lesson-wise and what the weather is like.

Our school does this “Purple Thursdays” fashion statement, which was initiated by a previous violet-loving principal. Purple is not my vibe, although I have a couple of things I could wear once in a blue moon (purple moon?) so, I partake only occasionally.

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I got my hair cut again – this was mask related. It is easier to go without hair accessories while wearing a mask. My hair is actually a lot lighter than it looks in the pictures. Chalk that up to fluorescent ceiling lights. The lighting seems to be better in Katy’s room, though. We take the pics during our mutual planning period in the mornings.

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I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos and learning about “content creators”. They are lifestyle vloggers who share their lives and do product placements for a fee. (I stumbled upon this young lady, who happens to be a Syracuse University grad – Margot Lee.)

I am fascinated by this concept and may investigate how I can do something similar in the future. I really love YouTube.

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ISO Fish Fry – Shaughnessy’s

I attended Winter Fest kick-off on Friday night – cover band Hard Promises performed in the Persian Terrace of the Syracuse Marriott (formerly the Hotel Syracuse). Two hours of dancing to music from the ’70s and ’80s was soooo fun!

At 7:30 pm, we headed to Shaughnessy’s for fish and chips.

Presentation: So beautiful! It was a huge piece of haddock with a beer battered crust, a small cup of coleslaw, two helpings of tartar sauce and fries. I selected tater tots instead and they arrived in a separate basket.

Taste: I love haddock. I had to disrobe it from the fried batter, which was too salty for me. The fish was so fresh and delicate, and moist. I brought the tater tots home and turned them into breakfast hash browns.

Restaurant Experience: I love Shaughnessy’s. There is a huge bar space – and plenty of booths to accommodate large groups. They had live music as well. The hostess and waitresses were lovely – upbeat and positive. We were seated immediately and it did not take long to order and receive our dinners. All four of us ordered the same thing so it was easy-peasy.

Location: Shaughnessy’s is located on the ground floor of the Syracuse Marriott – 550 South Warren Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 Contact them at (315) 554- 3542.

Parking: There is a parking garage next door for a fee. On street parking is available if you are lucky. We parked across the street for free.

Arlene’s Moment

She was resolute in her determination to create art on her own terms.

I have known Syracuse artist Arlene Abend for thirty years. We met when I joined the now defunct Visual Arts Committee at the Civic Center. We held juried exhibitions and installed the work of local artists on the walls of the space – a captive audience situation, which lead to several sales. My sister even bought someone’s art from there and I met my first patron who ended up buying several of my paintings over the years.

I left the program after about four years. I wanted to do member exhibitions and everyone felt that was self-serving. Later, they moved the exhibitions to the PBS building (was it? I don’t really remember) but they did start having those member’s shows.

I have always felt the same way about the Everson Museum of Art. They would bring in these out of state artists who’d get recognition from our less established museum subsequently gaining the confidence to go on to illustrious careers. I couldn’t understand why the Everson didn’t cultivate from within. That seemed the perfect opportunity – to big up our talented local artists and catapult us towards successful art careers nationally. It would be a win-win as it would generate interest and revenue for the museum because there would be so many wealthy and amazing artists who would give back. I guess I was never thinking universally, but selfishly (my vortex contains the dream of showcasing my art in all four of the upper galleries – I can 100% fill them), The idea that we are an art community that helps and supports each other – is that too daft?

Well, it’s finally happening. Elizabeth Dunbar has begun this trajectory and we can currently see this manifestation in the form of a feisty little ninety-year-old woman who is currently showing her sculptures in the Robineau Gallery at the Everson Museum of Art.

We create our own realities and Arlene Abend’s road has been one primarily of family and deep-rooted friendships combined with the solitude of her artistry. Every one of us has stated a collective “it’s about time” in reference to this exhibition!

The bumpy amorphous shapes in her metal wall sculptures sort of mirror the curves in her path/emotions in her path – health issues, worry, relationship heart break, disappointment, money struggles, fears…and yet, the tiny humanoid figurines showcase her whimsy and humor, her belief in the human spirit even while the resin pieces indicate a sort of trapped suffering.

This exhibition has always been in Arlene Abend’s vortex – of that I am certain. It’s almost as though the resolution was in lowering the resistance. Lessening the struggle in favor of the resiliency of the human condition. Here she is at the apex of her career, all ragged edges, highs and lows, structures and voids, liquids solidifying inside her mind for all of us to witness – a life lived with an expectation to share it in all its incarnations.

It really does not matter how much time it takes for a dream to come true. That’s the beauty of it.

Arlene Abend – RESOLUTE is on display through April 17, 2022. Visit the www.everson.org for information regarding hours of operation and admission price or call (315) 474-6064.

The Everson Museum of Art

401 Harrison Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

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Who Made the Donuts?

We created these donuts in two of my Art-8 classes. Some were mounted on black foamboard and others placed in real Dunkin’ Donuts boxes, which were donated by the wonderful manager at the DD on Rt. 5 in Chittenango, NY.


aluminum foil, masking tape, paper towels, Mod Podge, Celluclay, acrylic paint, glitter, foamboard, DD boxes

They are so fun! The trick here was to try to make them all the same size and the same shape. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. Each student made a half dozen. I graded them on successful armature, application of Mod Podge and Celluclay, as well as paint and detail.