Bridgerton Fashion

Rebecca Taylor leather top, Zadig & Voltaire leather skirt, Rag & Bone boots
Taskovski bracelet, Rebecca Taylor top, Joe’s Jeans leather pants, Marc Jacobs boots

Season 2 of Bridgerton is now available for consumption on Netflix. The binge-worthy series is based on novels by Julia Quinn, set in the early 1800s about a family of eight children of wealth and status. Each of the eight novels revolves around one of the sibling’s love life, which leads one to speculate that there will be more to come from this show in the next few years.

Theory cardigan, Faithfull the Brand linen dress, Joe’s Jeans leather pants, Rag & Bone boots

This is a Shonda Rhimes vehicle and with it comes that wonderful modern twist – a multi-ethnic cast, contemporary music (they were dancing to a Madonna song in one episode) and a whimsical/colorful take on the Edwardian period costumes. The latter includes a vibrant array of sherbet-colored gowns and the gamut of puffed sleeves, empire waists, embroidery, silks, leathers, and lots of shimmer-shammer.

BCBGMaxAzria top, Pinko top, Joe’s Jeans leather jeans, Rag & Bone boots

Here are my latest #ootd looks. Currently, my style is romance novel flair with lots of Brigerton-esque qualities. I am all about the puffy sleeve and ruffles. And heavier on the empire waist than I realized. Rebecca Taylor is my guru for this style. You will also be seeing a lot more Faithfull the Brand, Free People and Frame in my closet these days. And of course, leather, silks and now that it is spring – cotton and linen. #lovefashion #fashionintherealworld. <3

Rebecca Taylor leather top, Zadig & Voltaire leather skirt, Rag & Bone boots
Faithfull the Brand top, Trina Turk skirt, Nine West boots
Frame leather shirt and suede skirt, Daydreamer for Free People T-shirt, Marc Jacobs boots
Free People cardigan and dress, Rag & Bone boots
Rebecca Taylor top, Ralph Lauren skirt, Rag & Bone boots
Tashkovski bracelet, Theory cashmere sweater, Free People dress, Joe’s Jeans leather pants, Rebecca Minkoff boots

Summer Vacation Project

I call this activity the Summer Vacation Graffiti project. It is a great starter lesson – a quickie to get art on the school walls. It is technically not graffiti, which is a type of spray painted calligraphy using text, but it can be – words can be incorporated.

Students are asked to draw images that relate to what they did on their summer vacation. We reference the principles of art to compose the space of their final copies.

This was the very first video I made in September 2020 for that year of teaching remotely. I do cringe at some parts – specifically my drawing. (and of course, the way my eyes look like I don’t know where the camera is or the way I can’t remember the easiest word or some dumb thing) OMG, it was so hard to draw with the paper taped to the wall. I guess I should have rehearsed it first, but who has the time for that? Also, no lighting props, lol.

I was in a tiny music practice room adjacent to the faculty bathroom.

Usually when I do this lesson, I have samples of previous work to share. And when we do it in class, we don’t jump ahead to the next and the next step. It is not a race to finish.

One thing I cannot teach is that amazing feeling I get when I am drawing. You will either have it or not. Kids will say, “That’s so satisfying,” when it happens to them, which I love! <3

Design an Animal

Last year, a local arts contributor connected with me to ask if I would share how I was going to teach art during the pandemic. I declined to participate because I did not want to allow anyone (read-people who would ultimately read said article) to criticize my choices when they really had no idea what the circumstances truly were.

School during 2020-2021 was about uplifting spirits, if that makes any sense. It was not plowing through curriculum while people were dealing with a global crisis, which brought with it low-level emotional feelings such as depression, sadness, fear, anger as well as physical illness.

My colleague and I spent our budget on individual supplies – markers, colored pencils, sketchbooks, etc. We did “dry media” projects and supplemented with vocabulary work. Many students worked 100% remotely with varying results due to their own perception of self-motivation.

We received some really fun results with this lesson – Design an Animal. Here is the video I made for the assignment. September 2020 marked the first time I’d done anything like this. Alone in my classroom on Wednesdays, which was the day students were all remote, I videotaped myself. No editing – just a straight shot, teaching the way I normally would with the exception of the fact that I could see myself on the screen and I had to give up the fact that I’m a real person and not an actress or model; that I was going to like myself sometimes and cringe at other times. I had to imagine that students were there and speak as though someone was on the other side actually listening to my stories. One take – no do overs because I didn’t have the time for that.

So here it is – the Design an Animal lesson posted on It is a lesson we shared with 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Needless to say, all of these multi-level shared lessons cannot be taught again for another two years, lol.

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P.S. Here is a link to Galina Bugaevskaya’s work – she is the one who photoshops cat faces on animals.

Forever Medusa

Here are two companion videos I created in September 2020 when I was teaching art remotely – one on the Medusa lesson I created years ago and the other is a pattern lesson. The pattern lesson – I created it for 2nd graders originally, so this should have been a review for my 8th graders. Katy and I used both lessons for 6th-8th graders last year.

Logo Me

When I showed this to my principal, he said, “Who did this?” implying he’d have the student expelled. I said, “Oh, no – I asked him to make this!”

I have always wanted to be the Planter’s peanuts character. I’m just a monocle, some spats and a top hat away. I found an awesome cane at the flea market last summer.

The student who created this image has probably graduated by now – I just can’t remember how long ago it was since the last three years have been a blur due to the Covid stuff.

So, now I need someone to turn me into the Starbucks logo. Anyone? You can use my most recent school picture (below).


Thank you, Nora R. for turning me into the Starbucks logo!!!!! So awesome <3

Drawing a Horse

Here is a video I made in September 2020 during the teaching remotely phase of school. This is a middle school lesson – it was originally meant for 8th grade but I also did the lesson with 7th graders last year. It goes along with the horse lesson using Jaune “Quick-to-see” Smith as a reference, although it can be used for many different lessons or as a stand alone. I am currently using butterflies for the images in my Smith painting lesson. I may post about them in the future.

If you want to see more videos – I am planning to revise my channel and maybe even start vlogging! They will probably be just as raw and unedited as this one is – I’m not tech savvy.

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Invention Video

I made a video last year when we were teaching art remotely. I decided to upload it to my YouTube channel tonight – I am experimenting with new ways of using social media. Will it go viral? That would be amazing!

The video goes with my blog post “The Invention Story”. It is the same lesson.

#ootd Fun

Tashkovski bracelet, Honora necklace, Equipment leather dress, Rag & Bone boots
Theory cashmere sweater, Joe’s Jeans leather pants, Rag & Bone boots
Rebecca Taylor leather top, Zadig & Voltaire leather skirt, Rag & Bone boots

Here are my most recent outfits of the day at work/school. I feel like my look is sort of romantic/bohemian/natural fiber/modern.

Life has been a lot of fun! I am still loving taking these pictures every morning, loving the projects we are doing in art class and the fun we are having.

Eastern Standard Time is my jam. It is so great to have sunshine past 7:00 pm – it feels amazing. It is a condition that brings me so much joy.

Yesterday was the anniversary of our school exodus in 2020. We have come a long way since then.

For one, we are all into Wordle. We all take about five minutes during Study Halls to play and when that isn’t satisfying enough we move to Wordle Unlimited.

So fun!

Cinq a Sept silk dress, Rag & Bone boots
Rebecca Taylor top, Ralph Lauren skirt, Rag & Bone boots
Faithfull the Brand top, Trina Turk skirt, Nine West boots
Allsaints top, belt and skirt, Rag & Bone boots
BCBGMaxAzria top and belt, Ralph Lauren skirt, Rag & Bone
Theory cardigan, Faithfull the Brand linen dress, Joe’s Jeans leather pants, Rag & Bone boots
Free People cardigan, Allsaints leather dress, Rag & Bone boots
Free People cardigan and dress, Rag & Bone boots
Rebecca Taylor leather top, Frame jeans, Rag & Bone boots
Rebecca Taylor leather top, Zadig & Voltaire leather skirt, Rag & Bone boots
C by Bloomingdales cashmere turtleneck, Coach leather skirt, Rag & Bone boots
Tashkovski bracelet, BCBGMaxAzria dress, Rag & Bone boots