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Retail as Art






Pam and I ventured into Camillus, New York territory tonight to attend a Michelle DaRin Jewelry trunk show at Synple (70 Main Street, Camillus, New York 13031). Michelle’s new pieces are vibrantly bold yet feminine talismans.  Each piece is uniquely handmade.  I loved everything!!!





This quaint village shoppe is the brainchild of fine artist, art therapist, stationery designer, mother and retailer Kelly Landau.  The merchandising is picture perfect.




Synple is a comfortable nook in the heart of the village where you will find friendly people who are passionate about their merchandise – housewares, clothing (Free People is a mainstay), jewelry (including a selection of Michelle DaRin pieces), candles, soaps and all sorts of amazing gifts, treats and stationery.



The Made in the Deep South items are currently 50% off until they are gone.  I want that beige cowhide bracelet with the crystal jewel!




Hours of operation are Wednesday – Saturday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.  Kelly is currently working on updating the store’s website.  For more information on merchandise and future events such as this one with Michelle, give their Facebook page a LIKE.  Here is the link. 




Next up for Michelle – a show at The Finger Lakes Academy of Decorative Arts this Friday and Saturday.  Information is on their Facebook LIKE page here. ❤





Summer #ootd

Rachel Zoe top, BCBGMaxAzria shorts and sandals
Rachel Zoe dress, BCBGeneration sandals and clutch
BCBGMaxAzria romper and belt, BCBGeneration booties and clutch
BCBGMaxAzria romper and belt, BCBGeneration sandals, Michelle DaRin bracelet
BCBGMaxAzria crop top and skirt, Nine West sandals, Coach clutch
BCBGMaxAzria romper, BCBGeneration booties, Coach clutch
Rachel Zoe top, BCBGMaxAzria shorts and shoes, Fossil bracelets, Coach clutch
Rachel Zoe top, Banana Republic shorts, BCBGeneara


I spent the weekend creating encaustic paintings of horseshoes to exhibit in my sister’s new yoga studio.  Sophie Tashkovski will be opening the doors to Syracuse Yoga sometime in May.  This is such an exciting time for our family!  We are so proud of Sophie.  She is an amazing yoga instructor and business woman.


Sophie’s logo is a quatrefoil of horseshoes.  It is a combination of relaxed elegance, abundant positive energy and a pinch of luck.


The artist in me had been dormant of late – the facelift I gave the Honor Thy Master series kickstarted an eruption in me.  The red hot magma (love saying that) is the passion/blood/desire flowing from me to paint again.  On Friday, I purchased some supplies then spent all day and well into the evening on Saturday in production.  I felt the electricity of luck flowing through me as I worked.  Today I mounted the dozen piece collection onto chalkboard-painted masonite.  Tomorrow I will do touch-ups and pick up some hooks to attach to the backs so they will be ready to hang.



I also plan to purchase a few more things from the art supply store.  I have momentum now and I don’t want to lose it.  I will continue to make progress.  There’s a smaller series of horseshoes on deck and I hope to create angel paintings and maybe more hearts – they are my bread and butter.  I love when I not only have an idea in the creating of work but in addition, a place to put them once they are done.  Yessss!


Janine came over as I was painting and I gave her a lesson in encaustics.  That was fun – she took these great photographs to document the process.  (And, OMG – no make-up and junky paint sweats, lol!)





As much as I love teaching, I really wish this could be my life all the time.  It is so much fun! I would need more than a kickstart of motivation though, in order to turn it into a real 24/7 business.  I would need to be passionate about the business end and that is more dormant/inactive (really closer to extinct) volcano in me all the time. When Sophie and our friend Gina were talking spreadsheets over drinks at Kitty Hoynes last month, I kind of zoned out, as if they both sounded like the teacher on Peanuts.  Blah-blah-woh-waah….


Gina operates Saunacuse, a sauna studio using infra-red technology.  (At Christmas, I bought my sisters gift certificates to go there – it is amazing!)  I wish I could be as business savvy as they are, and like our friend Michelle DaRin is.


She is the business woman’s business woman role model – artist, educator, wife, mother, jewelry designer, and…kickstarter.

Michelle and her husband are looking to expand their business, which has gotten a lot of press/national attention recently.  I am in awe of her raw talent.  Her work is infused with so much positivity.  Wearing the copper-based enameled bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces, you can actually feel the energy radiating from the collection and affecting you harmoniously as you dance your way about the day.  And by you, I most definitely mean me.  I LOVE wearing her jewelry!

Michelle DaRin jewelry bracelets, BCBGMaxAzria dress and leggings, Ralph Lauren boots
Banana Republic T-shirt and skirt, Michelle DaRin jewelry, Calvin Klein sandals

Michelle DaRin Jewelry has started a Kickstarter campaign.  They are looking to fund a project in which Michelle has more studio space and in addition, a place to teach metal-smithing classes (She has an Art Education degree from Syracuse University).


Check out the link to the funding page at the bottom of this blog post – you aren’t just handing her money for the heck of it.  It is a business transaction.  You will receive jewelry – and basically get it for a lot less than the retail value.  The more you give the more you get of her hand-made one-of-a-kind pieces.  The money will also go towards the hiring of staff trained in the manufacturing of the goods, as there is a strong need to meet the demands of the increased interest in her work.  Win-win!


I am so honored to know these beautiful, talented young business women!  They are truly kickin’ it!


Click the link below to see how you can participate in manifesting this new and improved vision for Michelle DaRin Jewelry!  I promise you will love it! ❤




Banana Republic cardigan, Free People top, BCBGMaxAzria leggings, BCBGeneration sandals
Banana Republic cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria top, Trina Turk pants, BCBGeneration sandals

If you search Instagram for the hashtag #fashionintherealworld, you will find all of my posts.  I invented it and #fashioninrealtime, and #fashioninreallife.  I just checked them; I think there are only two or three posts on them from random fashionistas.  The rest is all me.

Coach hat and jacket, Bailey 44 top, BCBGMaxAzria leggings, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots
Free People cardigan and top, Calvin Klein jeans, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots
Free People cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria top, Banana Republic skirt, Ralph Lauren boots

Here are my outfits of the day from the last two weeks.  The landscape of my background keeps changing as I shift student work around the room.  All of my clay projects are complete.  The last batch went into the kiln today.  The 5th graders are currently working on a three-dimensional wood sculpture, my Studio in Art students are learning watercolor techniques and the rest of the 8th graders are immersed in the various SLO test projects:  Statue of Liberty paintings, “under the sea” landscapes with fish (mixed-media lesson), Japanese fan project (also mixed-media) and abstract paintings with realistic horses thrown in.  So four additional different lessons for the six classes.

Banana Republic suit and leather shell, BCBGeneration sandals
Free People cardigan, BCBGeneration dress, Nine West booties

There is a lot going on, which will culminate in the School Fair set for May 12, 2017.  I will have my hands full preparing for that exhibition and hopefully even with the upcoming state math tests looming, we will get everything accomplished.

Jcrew cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria dress, Nine West boots

But first – Spring Break!!!  I will be working on the business of making art as soon as tomorrow.  Can’t wait.  Watching students make art is clearly a fun job, but nothing beats the guilty pleasure of creating my own artwork – even though it is super messy and therefore cannot be done in designer clothes.  So…I will be sacrificing fashion for my art.  I did buy a new dress for Easter though.  It is Halston Heritage. ❤ OMG, I love it!

Michelle DaRin Jewelry ring, Banana Republic top and Free People top, BCBGMaxAzria pants, Guess sandals


The Perfect Cardigan

Free People cardigan, Trina Turk dress, Hue tights, Nine West booties

I am all about the cardigan at work.  Kind of a Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood thing, lol. I dress in layers and the sweater comes off pretty quickly. We have been running the kiln, so, it has been toasty in the classroom.  I’m always donning multiple smocks in order to not sustain paint, Mod-Podge, plaster, clay, oil pastel or the-like messes on my clothing.  It is a messy job, but I am doing my best to keep it fashionable.  I love clothes.  Love fashion!!!!!

Banana Republic cardigan, Free People top, BCBGMaxAzria leggings, Nine West booties
BCBGMaxAzria cardigan and top, Trina Turk leather skirt, Hue tights, Nine West booties
Honora necklace, Banana Republic cashmere cardigan, Bailey 44 top BCBGMaxAzria pants, BCBGeneration booties
Banana Republic cashmere cardigan, Free People top, BCBGMaxAzria leggings, Ralph Lauren boots
JCrew cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria top, Banana Republic velvet pants, Nine West booties
Banana Republic cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria top, Trina Turk pants, Nine West booties
Michelle DaRin Jewelry bracelets, JCrew cardigan, Banana Republic T-shirt and skirt, Hue tights, Nine West booties
Free People cardigan and top, Bailey 44 skirt, Nine West booties

Playing Catch Up

BCBGMaxAzria romper and belt, Ralph Lauren boots
Banana Republic top and skirt, Hue tights, Nine West booties
Lord & Taylor cashmere cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, Nine West booties

We had a snow day today, so… I’m playing catch up on blogging.  Here are my most recent outfits of the day.  I got paint on my new Free People tunic top and on something else – spent the day doing laundry and tidying/organizing my closet.  A lot of re-runs this post.  I went heavy on the leggings in order to go hiking right after school before it got too dark.  Along with this snowmegeddon thing, the time change screwed with my perfect world.  But then again, I only have to work one day this week – tomorrow.  That is, if this snow actually lets up.  Crazy!  What am I gonna wear?  Lol, decisions, decisions.

Michelle DaRin jewelry, BCBGMaxAzria dress, Hue tights, NIne West booties
BCBGMaxAzria dress, Steve Madden boots
BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, BCBGeneration sandals
Michelle DaRin jewelryFree People tunic top, INC pants, Nine West sandals
Michelle DaRin jewelry,Free People dress, BCBGeneration sandals
Michelle DaRin jewelry, Banana Republic dress, Nine West boots
BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, Nine West booties
Free People cardigan, Warner Bros. Harry Potter/Gryffindor T-shirt, Banana Republic skirt, Nine West booties
BCBGMaxAzria top and belt, Banana Republic leather shell, Trina Turk skirt, Hue tights, Coach booties
Trina Turk dress, Hue tights, Nine West booties
Bailey 44 top, Calvin Klein jeans, BCBGeneration sandals
BCBGMaxAzria tops, Banana Republic pants, BCBGeneration booties
BCBGMaxAzria cardigan, tops, and pants, BCBGeneration booties
JCrew blazer, Bailey 44 top, 7 For All Mankind Jeans, Nine West booties
JCrew cardigan, Rachel Roy top, Champion leggings, Nine West booties
Free People top, BCBGMaxAzria pants, BCBGeneration booties
Michelle DaRin jewelry, Banana Republic cardigan, BCBGMaxAzria top and pants, Nine West booties
BCBGMaxAzria dress and leggings, Nine West booties
Vintage necklace, BCBGMaxAzria dress, Nine West boots
Michelle DaRin jewelry, Trina Turk dress, Nine West booties
Banana Republic suit, Calvin Klein belt, JCrew tissue T-shirt, BCBGeneration sandals
Free People tunic top, BCBGMaxAzria top and leggings, Nine West booties


Dressing the Part

BCBGMaxAzria dress, Guess sandals
BCBGMaxAzria dress, BCBGeneration sandals

I am back to work and school!  It is fun getting dressed up, not so fun going into a building with no air conditioning, but I adjusted to it within days.  And today – it actually felt cold in here!

Trina Turk dress, BCBGeneration sandals
Michelle DaRin jewelry, Trina Turk top and skirt, BCBGeneration sandals

I spent the summer in exercise clothes, bikinis and shorts.  I hiked seven miles a day and did pilates twice a week or so.  Working on fitting teaching into my exercise schedule, lol.

Vintage necklace, Bailey 44 top and skirt, BCBGeneration sandals
BCBGMaxAzria top, Trina Turk skirt, BCBGeneration sandals

As for artwork, I took down my art show at the Sullivan Library  in Chittenango, New York, and I plan to exhibit the Talisman paintings in October at the Half Moon Bakery and Bistro in Jamesville, New York.  Eight paintings are still on display in the Lawrence Pavilion at Summit Medical Group in New Jersey.  They will be there until January, I think, unless the show gets extended.

BCBGMaxAzria dress, Coach booties, Honora necklace

Penny Santy is showing her paintings in the Chittenango Middle School library!  She will give a presentation about them on November 15, 2016.  I am planning to do some projects based on her work.  Four classes will be doing oil pastels or paintings of cows and bulls as part of my SLO tests.

In addition, I’m planning lessons on George Rodrigue, Jasper Johns, Keith Haring, Wolf Kahn, Japanese wood block prints and Greek mythology.  So fun!

Bailey 44 top, BCBGMaxAzria skirt, Nine West sandals
Banana Republic top and skirt, Michelle DaRin jewelry, BCBGeneration booties