The Clay Face Project

My 8th grade accelerated Studio in Art students created these clay face masks (with Miller #10 clay purchased from Clayscapes). We used the slab technique over a plastic face form then added clay to shape the features. I poked holes at the sides to secure a Twisteezwire to the back. They can hang on a wall – I love that!

The glaze is called Mayco Jungle Gems. It contains glass bits! So cool.

2 thoughts on “The Clay Face Project”

  1. I do t have enough words to say how much I love this project and am hard pressed to choose one favorite piece. Cheers to you!

    1. Thanks, Anne! Students did not use clay last year because of COVID rules, distancing and we went into classrooms to teach where there were no sinks. So they really loved doing this project!

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