ISO Fish Fry – Shaughnessy’s

I attended Winter Fest kick-off on Friday night – cover band Hard Promises performed in the Persian Terrace of the Syracuse Marriott (formerly the Hotel Syracuse). Two hours of dancing to music from the ’70s and ’80s was soooo fun!

At 7:30 pm, we headed to Shaughnessy’s for fish and chips.

Presentation: So beautiful! It was a huge piece of haddock with a beer battered crust, a small cup of coleslaw, two helpings of tartar sauce and fries. I selected tater tots instead and they arrived in a separate basket.

Taste: I love haddock. I had to disrobe it from the fried batter, which was too salty for me. The fish was so fresh and delicate, and moist. I brought the tater tots home and turned them into breakfast hash browns.

Restaurant Experience: I love Shaughnessy’s. There is a huge bar space – and plenty of booths to accommodate large groups. They had live music as well. The hostess and waitresses were lovely – upbeat and positive. We were seated immediately and it did not take long to order and receive our dinners. All four of us ordered the same thing so it was easy-peasy.

Location: Shaughnessy’s is located on the ground floor of the Syracuse Marriott – 550 South Warren Street, Syracuse, NY 13202 Contact them at (315) 554- 3542.

Parking: There is a parking garage next door for a fee. On street parking is available if you are lucky. We parked across the street for free.

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