The Send Off

Joey passed away. His funeral was on Wednesday. He was my ISO Fish Fry date (The Retreat was his top choice), a great dancing partner (the last time we danced was in February), the karaoke guy at Jimmy’s parties, a wonderful conversationalist and great listener. He is/was the best friend one could ever ask for.

We always talked philosophy – life and afterlife stuff. I am eternally searching for a balance between who I am and who I think I am, like, authentically, and he was always authentically Joey.

We both loved learning new things and agreed that this was definitely a path to authenticity, loving that journey to self-discovery. With me, it was piano. He loved playing the drums. He has a Youtube channel devoted to that relatively new passion.

My Youtube channel has a hodgepodge of things, more recently, original poems and songs I write. Surrender the Silence is dedicated to Joey. It is a bit somber though – I guess it, sort of, represents the way we feel when someone we care about transitions. There’s a triumph in a life well spent, a joy in the realization that so many people cared and loved, as well as that sadness of losing the ability to have more time with them.

Every time we took a picture together, Joey would say that we had the same nose. I don’t know why that is. My dad was a kid in the old country when he was born (I have Dad’s nose) and neither of Joey’s daughters, siblings or his father have it, lol. We definitely look like we are related.

The last time I was with him he pulled a $20 bill out as part of the money to contribute to the bill at Shaughnessy’s. I collect bills with 777 in the serial number so I immediately swapped it out for a random non-special twenty. He said, “You and your magical thinking.”

Knowing you is/was pretty magical, Joey. Thank you for that. <3

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