The History of Suburbia

Back in the day, we all had a moment or two at Suburban Park. It was an amusement park located in Manlius, New York. The last time Kathy and I were there was the last time that she was taller than me.

The site is now an apartment complex called…wait for it…

Suburban Park.

There is a sweet exhibit of items from the defunct park on view at the Manlius Historical Society, 109 Pleasant Street, Manlius, New York 13104. The museum is only open on Saturdays from 11:00 to 3:00 pm.

Yesterday, I was greeted by Sue Collin, lifelong Manlius resident and volunteer at the museum. We talked about our concern that history may be lost on today’s youth and shared our mutual hope that schools will educate students on local history in addition to whatever social studies curriculum is mandated.

Much of Suburban Park has been lost to history. Rides were left to deteriorate and later demolished to make way for the apartment complex.

I belong to a Facebook group about Suburban Park where people reflect on their memories while sharing pictures and memorabilia. Truth be told, I don’t have memories of the place, just pictures that prove I’d been there. I was probably two years old, maybe two-and-a-half in these pictures.

The museum also has this bit of history on the development of Green Lakes State Park. Someone should write a book about this. I would love a coffee table book with all of these pictures. So amazing!

The Manlius Historical Society & Museum is small but it packs a punch. Thank you, Sue, for such a lovely experience. I enjoyed meeting you!

Call (315) 682-6660 for more information or email them at You can also visit the Cheney House Research Center located right next door. I believe they are open on Thursdays or you can schedule an appointment. <3

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