ISO Fish Fry – Doug’s Fish Fry TOGO

The Doug’s Fish Fry Food Truck is in Manlius today! They will be there until 6:00 pm.

Presentation – The fish is cooked to order. It is wrapped up and handed over in folded white paper that is easy to carry to your car.

Taste – so good! I brought the dinner home and ate the whole thing. Very moist fish. The french fries tasted better than they looked and I loved the coleslaw.

Restaurant Experience – The employees were very nice. One guy took my order and another handed it to me. This took about seven minutes.

Location – I bookmarked the Doug’s Fish Fry TOGO website and last night I looked at it, which was so random. It revealed they’d be in Manlius today. They are located by the ice cream stand in front of the Manlius Library on Arkie Albanese Drive.

They will be in Binghamton tomorrow.

Parking – Doug’s Fish Fry TOGO is located in a parking lot with plenty of parking.

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