My art studio is a mess right now.

I’m creating two different series of encaustic and collage paintings. I am so excited about these new ideas. Encaustic is a combination of beeswax and oil paint. The action required is deliberate and fast-paced. As soon as you remove the brush from the paint tin (which is resting on a heated pancake griddle), you must plunk it down quickly or it will solidify. It requires incredible focus coupled with an intuitive spark.

So grateful for the rainy day today. I worked in the studio from 9:00 am until about 5:30 pm.

The next step is adding the collage materials. That part is a bit like when a stylist accessorizes a fashion show. I have an idea of what devices I will use, materials that will make sense with the story I am telling visually. Each painting is unique but they must also be cohesive as a group.

I’m in the process of setting up a Patreon page for my social media with the idea that I can have exclusive articles and videos to share with the patrons. And information regarding art exhibitions. Right now it’s a bit overwhelming because my focus is currently on the execution of the artwork. Once that is all settled, I can share the link and reveal what I’ve been doing. Stay tuned.

It’s never a good idea to reveal in progress work unless you really want a critique. My thought is I want to cherish it, keep it to myself and enjoy the process. For now.

Today I said to myself – This is the best day of my life! Creating art is such a gift. Thank you, universe! <3

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