Toe in Classroom



Yesterday I decided to put my toe into the water, so to speak.  I went to work!  Yes – it’s like I forgot I had a job, and then all of a sudden I woke up out of this summer’s dream and, of course, the crummy weather kind of pushed me along to remind me that I have a place to go for ten months out of the year, a reason to get up in the morning….




I only spent two hours there – I checked in my supplies purchased in June from School Specialty.  I bought a lot of cool things!  Canvas panels, watercolor pads, and tagboard.  Glazes, glue sticks and new pencil sharpener inserts!  I am excited to start the new year.  It is going to be soooo fun!




Wow, I am so fortunate to have this job and this beautiful, huge classroom!  The maintenance folks painted the walls and waxed the floor.  They put all the furniture back exactly as I had it before, as per my hand-drawn map.




There is a lot to do still – like putting the new supplies away, adding posters and prepping materials for the first lessons.  Can’t go today because I think they are waxing the hallway floor.  But, soon!  School starts September 7th.


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