ISO Fish Fry – Fish Cove

Fish Cove was voted Best in Syracuse by The Syracuse New Times. In addition, if you Google search best fish fry in Syracuse, New York, this restaurant is at the top of the Yelp list.

This is a takeout place with a small seating area – if you prefer to eat there (I ate at home). What a beautiful place!

Presentation – There is a queue. Then you order at the register and wait for your food. You can also select drinks and salad sides from a cooler. Everything is wrapped and placed into a plastic bag.

I saw the piece of fish before it was fried. It had been skinned, which I love, and it was made fresh, not pre-breaded. Once fried, the fish was weighed. It was priced by weight. Then the chef placed it in the bun and added the tartar sauce. He asked me what condiments I desired.

There was no line when I was there and I received my order in less than fifteen minutes.

Taste – It WAS the best! No offense to any other restaurant I’ve covered in this ISO Fish Fry series.

It was so good! Juicy, I guess? Is that the right word? The fries were beautiful. And the coleslaw was so finely chopped – the tiniest little bits. Fantastic! The PERFECT meal.

Restaurant Experience. – The restaurant was incredibly clean. Not a lot of customers when I was there at the tail end of a Saturday afternoon. There was a chef and a cashier. They were both very friendly.

OMG, the whole meal was under $9.00. The same order at all of the other places cost over $20.00.

I am in love with this place!!! <3

Location – Fish Cove is located at 158 Swansea Drive, Syracuse, New York 13206. It is in the Shop City plaza. There are two other locations – one in Liverpool and one in North Syracuse.

Mon 2-7pm
Tuesday-Thursday 11-7 pm
Fri:9am – 8:30pm
Sat: 10am – 6pm

Phone: 315-463-6990

Parking – Plenty of parking in the shopping center and the spaces directly in front of the restaurant are reserved for Fish Cove patrons.

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