ISO Fish Fry – Lincklaen House

Janine and I went to Lincklaen House for lunch.

Presentation – We ordered a meal we planned to split and when the young waitress delivered it, the chef had already divided it onto two separate plates for us. I think the plates looked pretty full considering this was a haddock sandwich on a kaiser roll and not the big haddock dinner-sized portion. All good.

Before that, we were offered two delicious pop-overs fresh from the oven. I will eventually forego bread but this day was not that day, lol. So buttery!

Taste – I enjoyed the haddock. I wasn’t that hungry so half a meal was plenty. The fish was a bit dry but nothing a bit of tartar sauce couldn’t cure. I like when the chips in fish and chips are actual potato chips even though I don’t think this is the case if you order in London, England. Not sure when they coined chips for french fries. And why are they French? IDK. These chips were of the homemade variety. Not at all salty. We didn’t have coleslaw. My friend ordered a side salad and she loved the balsamic dressing they used.

Restaurant Experience – Lincklaen House‘s catch phrase is “return to an era of elegant hospitality”. It is a lovely sentiment for a place that has truly transcended time. An old telephone room still exists but more as a curiosity. There are plenty of antique fixtures from the lighting to the marble stalls in the women’s bathroom.

It was not an otherworldly experience, although this place reminds me of the Christopher Reeve film “Somewhere in Time”. We were greeted, in the now, by a friendly hostess immediately upon entering the establishment and offered several options – the downstairs tavern, the main floor indoors or the patio. We opted for the latter. The tables in the patio space were decorated with vibrant sunflower-motif tablecloths. It was a comfortable afternoon with a mild breeze, which made it a perfect day for alfresco.

I have been to several take-out fish fry spots in the area. This was a welcome change – to sit down in a restaurant and enjoy the ambiance as well as the lunch.

Location – Lincklaen House is located at 79 Albany Street, Cazenovia, New York 13035. It is a hotel, tavern, restaurant and pizza place.

  • Dining Available
    Sun-Th 12-9:00PM
    Fri/Sat 12-10:00PM

Call (315) 655-3461 for more information or check them out at

Parking – We parked on the street in front of the Cazenovia Public Library and walked down the block and across the street. It was around 2:00 pm and there was plenty of street parking. They may have a parking lot behind the building but I did not see it.

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