Thankful for Peace




Every year my Studio in Art students create illustrations for the Lions Club peace poster contest.  This year’s theme was  A Celebration of Peace.  It is really an incredible experience to work with the Chittenango Lions club on this endeavor.  Three members judge the posters, choose a winner and present cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at a classroom pizza party resulting in the creation of professional artists!



The winning poster goes on to compete in the regional competition followed by a state contest, which would land it in the finals and a chance to win the $5,000 international prize.  The whole she-bang is a win-win:  I create the lesson for a grade, students provide a community service, someone wins a prize, and we plant the seed of creating future community leaders.  In the interim, students may join the Leos, a youth organization off-shoot of the Lions Club.




The Lions Club sponsors so many wonderful events.  They make extraordinary charitable contributions.  It is truly an honor to work with them.  They presented me with an award for my service recently.  I was told that no one outside of the club has received it besides me and that is such an incredible honor.  Thank you, Rae Haynes, Marg Montross and all of the Chittenango Lions.  I am blessed to know you. <3





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