ISO Fish Fry – At Home

Presentation: I love my dishes! They are Lenox French Perle in Ice Blue. They are my “for company” dishes. I have a set from Crate & Barrel for every day use.

Taste: The bread was soft and fresh. The Groton’s fish was good but definitely dry as compared to every restaurant experience I have ever had. I did not like the coleslaw – it was very mayo heavy. I did not have a second side dish. I drank Starbucks dark roast iced coffee in my Bubba, which is my drink of choice and something restaurants don’t serve.

Restaurant Experience: I love the kitchen in my turn of the century bungalow! I bought new Samsung appliances last year. I usually have almost nothing in the refrigerator and I use the oven once a month if that, so it is pretty clean. I had to wash the dishes – I don’t have a dishwasher.

The whole meal cost about $20, but that included four pieces of fish, four buns, at least four servings of coleslaw and a large container of tartar sauce. Everything came from Wegman’s.

Location: I live in central New York.

Parking: I have a garage. I pay a plowing service a lump sum for the season to keep the driveway clear of snow in the winter.

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