ISO Fish Fry – Phoebe’s

Presentation – This was the fish sandwich lunch – no coleslaw. Still, when the bartender put the plate in front of me, I said, “Wow!” On it was a huge piece of beer-battered fish and a good portion of chips (french fries). A separate plate held condiments.

Taste – I kept saying, “Oh my god, it’s so good!” I did not eat the bread or the bed of lettuce and tomato or the pickle slice, but I devoured the fish and even though I have this dieting agenda, I ate all the fries with ketchup. I did not feel remorse. I LOVED it.

Restaurant Experience – The hostess, waitress and bartender were so nice! They clearly enjoy working at Phoebe’s. I sat at the bar instead of at a table. It is such a beautiful restaurant.

I follow them on Instagram. They are often posting pictures of private parties, like for bridal showers, Those pictures make me want to throw a party here. It’s really a gorgeous place. I will definitely come back. The atmosphere, the visuals, the people and the food – everything is fantastic!

Location – Phoebe’s Restaurant & Coffee Lounge is located at 900 E. Genesee Street, Syracuse, New York 13244 (they have the Syracuse University zip code). It is directly across the street from Syracuse Stage. The Community Folk Art Gallery is in this area too, across Genesee.

Parking – I did the Hollywood movie parking thing, which is street parking right in front of the building. I was there at 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon. It was meant to be a late lunch but I guess it was also an early dinner. There were only two other people sitting at the bar when I walked in and only one of them was eating. There is also a parking lot adjacent to the building. It is technically owned by Syracuse University but they do not have an attendant there unless there is an event in the evenings. <3

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