ISO Fish Fry – Glenwood Pines Restaurant

Presentation – During Covid, the Glenwood Pines Restaurant changed the way they operated. No more waitresses – instead customers ordered food and drinks at the bar. This became the new normal. So, this is what we did.

The food was ready rather quickly. It was presented at the bar in to-go styrofoam with the option of dining in or out. It smelled so good – I couldn’t wait to taste it! We paid for it then decided to sit outside and enjoy the view.

I selected the haddock dinner, which was the fish with coleslaw and fries. Joyce had the fish sandwich and ordered onion rings to go with it.

Taste – Everything was delicious. The fish was very lightly breaded and not at all greasy. The fries were fine – not a huge portion. As for the coleslaw, it was mainly cabbage – no carrots or other stuff and it was rather flavorless in comparison to other coleslaws – but still good. I ate everything.

Restaurant Experience – The bartender was really friendly and the other customers seemed very happy. We had been directed to this particular restaurant by the cashier at Found in Ithaca. It is always smart to ask a local where they like to eat.

There was a condiment and napkin station by the front door – ketchup, salt, pepper, straws, etc. We collected what we desired.

We sat outside, as I mentioned. It was a beautiful day. The picnic table had an umbrella over it for shade, which was nice. My only complaint is that the seat was lower than it should have been. I don’t know – it was weird because we felt like we were little children or something, like we couldn’t reach our food properly. It was kind of funny. Once outside, we were on our own as far as needs. No waitstaff there to ask if we wanted anything else. When we were ready to leave, we picked up after ourselves and threw the debris in the garbage can. But we knew it was like that. The info is in plain site on two large signs by the front entrance. I guess if you are looking for something less casual, this is not your place.

Location – Glenwood Pines Restaurant is located at 1213 Taughannock Blvd, Ithaca, New York 14850. It has a breathtaking view of Cayuga Lake.

Call 607-273-3709 for more information including hours of operation.

Parking – There is a large parking lot. We were there around 3:30 pm and there were plenty of spaces. After lunch, we visited the Taughannock Falls. We drove past Glenwood Pines on the way home and the parking lot was full.

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