Metal Detecting in Jordan

I was invited to a metal detecting party in Jordan, New York. This is not the first time I’ve ventured out of my own backyard to snoop around for treasure. I have a permit to detect on the beach at Green Lakes State Park but I only really did that once.

So, this was really fun. I met many of the people who post on the Syracuse Metal Detectives Facebook page and that was amazing! I love this hobby and it was such a pleasure to meet like-minded hobbyists who find a lot more cool stuff than I do because they have more expensive equipment and they are just better at it.

I did find stuff! Three pull tabs from soda cans, which are henceforth referred to as dream squashers because they squash the dream of finding coin. They give off a similar reading on the machine and so, it gets your hopes up, up, up….Squashed!!!!! So funny.

Elaine Smothers Peterson is the Jordan Village Historian. She invited us. She also provided pizza for lunch.

There were quite a few coin finds and other valuables! Mercury dimes and a Barber quarter.

This spot is part of the Erie Canal – a defunct part because it has been filled in and is now a grassy knoll/park area that still packs a punch of history. I’d never been there before. It is a beautiful town.

Thank you, Elaine! It was a wonderful experience!

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