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Davana Robedee just starts drawing.  She is inspired by natural forms – strands of hair, the motion of ocean waves….  The drawings take on a life of their own.  They become otherworldly, as though they are life-forms that can withstand space and time, much like the water bear, a microscopic species that can do just that!



I went to the opening reception for The Millennia of the Waterbear last night at Apostrophe’s Art Gallery, 1100 Oak Street, Syracuse, New York.  Proprietors Holly Wilson and Allison Kirsch opened the venue to establish exhibition opportunities for college students and emerging artists.  They have currently booked art exhibits through this summer.



The gallery is open Wednesdays 2:00-4:00 pm, Thursdays noon-2:00 pm, and by appointment – call (614) 209-7503 to schedule your visit!  This show ends on April 10, 2016.



Davana is a recent graduate of Syracuse University.  She was my Encaustic professor at SU when I took the course in 2012.  Her work with the medium is superb.  At the gallery, she is displaying several functional lamps made of wire and wax.  LED light does not heat up and so the union is a successful one!  These lights looked more impressive as the sun went down.  They are soooo beautiful.  More so in person.  You must experience them!


In addition, she has created a giant sculpture using plastic sheeting, as well as large panels of wax on plastic.  These pieces contain the same lyrical line quality as her drawings but with the addition of the textural surface.  Everything begs to be touched.  I found myself reaching out even though I know how fragile wax is (it needs, like, a thousand years to gain strength, unless there is enough damar resin in the mix). The whole show has a brilliant cohesiveness.

Davana is the real deal.  I love listening to her speak about her work.  There is a clear vision to her visual thoughts.  She really illuminates  just like her sculptures – she reveals an extraordinary depth of character.  The narrative provides understanding in a way that transcends the simple materials and abstraction.  I am really in awe of what she has accomplished here.









Davana has another show scheduled for October 2016 in Old Forge, New York.  She starts creating new pieces soon including some wax items that will melt before our eyes.  Can’t wait to see where her mind takes us.  Wherever it is – I am loving the journey!