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#ootd on Time

Trina Turk dress, Michelle DaRin bracelet, Nine West booties

Here are the outfits I wore to work from the past couple of weeks.  I donned my orange Trina Turk dress on Friday in support of Syracuse University sports (my alma mater).  The men’s and women’s basketball teams did well this year.  They both made it to the Final Four!  There was so much excitement in this town.  I watched the last three games at different venues and it has been a blast.  Last night, the crowd was disappointed with the outcome, but that energy turned into an amazing night of dancing to the live band that took the stage at Shifty’s once the game ended.


Of course, Mother Nature took the loss a bit harder and decided to give us back our snow!


How crazy is this?  It is the view from my back porch taken a minute ago.  Yes, just this morning!  Funny, because yesterday I was contemplating whether or not I would mow the lawn today….

Honora necklace, JCrew cardigan, BCBG Max Azria top, T-shirt and pants, Nine West booties

My 5th graders finally finished their wood sculptures.  They are currently on display in the school library.  Next we will tackle a slab/hand built clay sculpture.  I haven’t done the lesson in ten years, which was the last time I taught 5th grade art, so that should be fun!

Lord & Taylor cashmere beanie, Berkley Cashmere cardigan, Lucky Brand top, Bailey 44 skirt, Nine West booties
Ann Taylor denim jacket, Bailey 44 top, Trina Turk pants, Nine West booties

My Studio in Art class is working on a mixed-media still life drawing and the rest of my 8th graders are painting their clay projects.  They have a choice of metallic paint or fluorescents.  The glow-in-the-dark element is soooo fun!  One of my students donated his black light to the classroom.  We can now check the projects in progress to see if the paint is covering well.  Thanks, Joe S.!

JCrew blazer, BCBG Max Azria dress, Steve Madden boots
Honora necklace, Free People cardigan, Warner Bros. Harry Potter Gryffindor T-shirt, Calvin Klein jeans and belt, BCBG Generation sandals

The end of the marking period is fast approaching, leaving only ten weeks of school for the year!  Wow.  It was about this time last year that I got my first cell phone.  Yeah, I know!  I was living under a rock for the first fifteen years of the new millennium.

Coach headband, Free People cardigan, BCBG Max Azria T-shirt, Trina Turk dress, Nine West booties

Stephanie G., one of my Studio in Art students from last year, was the one who told me about #ootd (outfit of the day).  I guess you can blame her for turning me into a fashion monster, lol.

Michelle DaRin jewelry, Banana Republic jacket and pants, BCBG Max Azria top, BCBG Generation sandals

But, of course, I was already coo-coo ca-ca for fashion.  It seems as though time has flown by this school year but at the same time… it seems to be standing still.  I don’t feel as though I am aging.  I actually really love the way I have finally caught up to myself.  To my dreams for myself, I mean.  Because suddenly, I’m achieving everything the real me has ever wanted.

Free People cardigan, Bailey 44 top, BCBG Max Azria leggings, BCBG Generation booties

And in the process, I have found my life’s purpose.  Giving visual voice to local artists. Assisting them in any way I can to help them achieve their goals and dreams.  Offering positive energy to students – not to persuade them to have art careers necessarily, but to help them fall in love with art, with the arts.  And to believe in themselves in the way that they know they can achieve anything they want.  That they should not stop working towards a goal until either they achieve it or stop desiring it.

Viola top, INC pants, BCBG Generation booties

It’s taken me a while to learn this stuff, but time hasn’t actually mattered, if that makes any sense.  This journey has been the true gift.

Michelle DaRin choker, Banana Republic dress, Ralph Lauren boots
BCBG Max Azria cardigan, Bailey 44 top, INC pants, Nine West booties

Okay, time to throw on the giant parka and venture out into the April sprinter (winter in spring?) wonderland on my way to a brunch date with one of my besties.  But first I need to decide what to wear….

Jet Set



20151030_130024 (1)

In my attempt to bring travel into my life, I created this 8th grade art lesson.  Students selected famous buildings – the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the White House….  Places all over the world.




This was a materials-driven lesson.  Colored pencil on black Strathmore drawing paper with the addition of Sharpie metallic markers in silver, gold and/or bronze.





The strength in these works comes from the students’ commitment to creating their own styles and in addition, to utilizing consistency in that style.  I was looking for rhythm and texture here, as well as detail and composition.




I am always inventing my own projects and the only problem-o in sharing them is that another local or otherwise art teacher might stumble across them here and decide to use the lessons with their students.  That’s flattering, not really a problem.  It only becomes so if the projects compete against one another at Scholastic Art Awards.  Judges are always looking for the unique.  Seeing a “lesson” is basically the kiss of death. Then the judges don’t see originality and I have to go back to the drawing board (ha, ha – because I am using it figuratively and literally) and come up with a new inventive project.




But let’s face it – that is my strength.  I have ideas flying out of my butt.  Are you liking that pun?  Flying, get it?  The jet-setters do.







Immortalize Me


The above picture is the current state of my classroom blackboard.  We’re working on a portrait lesson in Studio in Art and these are some of the drawings I created as samples.  They all began as class demonstrations.


The above is a self-portrait in the style of Gustav Klimt.  The portrait lesson has since transitioned from self-portrait in colored pencil to celebrity portrait in pencil.


sleepy hollow Tom Milson


young bill murray


I can’t find the photograph I used for this 19″ x 22″ colored pencil on Canton paper illustration of Colin Firth or as I like to call him, perfection-in-a-man.  Created this one in 2004.  I can’t believe it’s eleven years old.

colin firth sag award

Here’s a picture of the actor winning a SAG award.  I don’t think any of my sample actors are nominated for a SAG this year.  Too bad, because that would have made a way better blog post.

colin firth and wife

I’ll be watching tomorrow night anyhow.  The fashionista in me prefers award season over sporting events (I haven’t watched a Super Bowl in I don’t know how long), although you know I will be watching the kitty half-time show of the Animal Planet puppy bowl.  That’s just perfection-in-cuteness.

kitty half time show at puppy bowl