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Cows & Bulls


Penny Santy’s bull paintings are currently hanging on the walls of the Chittenango Middle School library.  She will be visiting us on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 for an artist talk during 10th period!  In honor of her visit, four of my Art-8 classes created cows and bulls in both acrylic paint and oil pastels.

I have them hanging on the walls of the hallway outside of my art classroom.

The oil pastels are done on black Strathmore paper.  Students created the drawings on white paper, transferred them onto the black using graphite paper (which introduces a bit of magic, and you all know I love magic!).  Then they painted out the lines in black acrylic and went to town with the pastels – creating rhythm and texture via their own individual styles.

The acrylic paintings went through the same initial process – drawn on white paper, transferred with magic .  Students were also encouraged to create their own styles, although I did have a handout to give what I call Ms. Tash Pearls of Wisdom.  These are pointers to mixing colors so that one color ends up permeating throughout the canvas.  Raw Sienna is that color.

Black outlining was an option.  Penny Santy utilizes complimentary color schemes.  Most of the pieces she is exhibiting have an orange/blue color scheme.  I was pleased to see so many colorful animals, purple cows and red bulls, lol, as well as the rest of the rainbow.

I wonder which ones I should enter into the Scholastic Art Awards competition?  I like them all!  Thank you, Penny Santy, for being such a marvelous inspiration to my kids!