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The Beauty Within




The year was 1996:  the bartenders at Empire Brewing Company on Walton Street in Armory Square/downtown Syracuse, New York used to slip me handfuls of coasters all the time.  I used them as collage material in my oil & collage paintings.  I’m not a beer (or any alcoholic beverage) drinker but still – I was a bit of a barfly back in the day.  I really love that place!


Well, they opened a farm brewery on Route 13 in Cazenovia, New York a while back.  It is a magnificent venue in every way – you must make your pilgrimage if you haven’t done so already.  It is the power of Empire times infinity!  I was there this evening for Kara Daviau’s art reception.




Delicious food and drink specials, of course, and – who knew? a spectacular basement tasting/barrel room with brick walls and the most splendid ambiance for an art exhibition.  Kara’s work is a perfect match for this space.



Her new series is titled Keep Me Where the Light Is.  Kara is continuing her journey of discovering abandoned places and summoning them to life with music.  She captures the essences of the forgotten beauty while listening to specific tunes, adding sheet music as collage before tackling the canvases with vibrant acrylic hues.




Her new mantra is expand.  She is voraciously seeking new places to show and sell her artwork, (which includes merchandise – magnets, notecards, T-shirts and other accessories – you can find these and more at Wildflowers Armory in Armory Square).




As of very recently, her paintings have been accepted in juried exhibitions at galleries in New York City and in Connecticut and Maryland with the opportunity for solo exhibitions in all locations on the horizon.  I asked her if she would seek abandoned spaces in these areas to create new work that resonates with people who live there.  Not yet was her response.



She is at a crossroads, both personally and professionally.  Her focus is on healing and with that a strong urge to self reflect via self-portraiture may be the next leg in her journey.  She’d added a mini self-portrait to the lower corner of one of these paintings then wiped it out, as if to say she wasn’t quite ready for that leap…yet.


I trust that Kara will visualize the success she deserves with any step she takes on her path to get there.  She is a beautiful person both inside and out.  I love the trailblazing spirit that guides her choices – such an incredibly talented artist and a wonderful role model for both her own children and her students. <3


Kara Daviau’s art studio is located at the Delavan Center (Studio 249), 509 W. Fayette Street, Syracuse, New York.  For more information about this work and more, contact her at KLDAV@HOTMAIL.COM.

It’s Happening



Trying to live my life the way I did in the summer has been a challenge.  The first three days of last week  – I went to work then did my two hour hike at Green Lakes and, subsequently, crashed on the sofa when I got home.  But I made an effort to meet friends out in Armory Square in downtown Syracuse, New York on Thursday night.  I parked the car and stumbled into a happening.




It was all part of Syracuse Fashion Week.  There was a fashion show on Walton Street the night of the curriculum open house at school earlier this month that I had to miss. I think I missed it last year for the same reason.  Models walked the runway of the 100 block, which had been closed off to traffic.


This event was the Landmark Theatre Window Project.  The building is home to several vacant businesses, and so, this was the result – human mannequins as window dressing displaying fashions for the event today at the Marriott Downtown Syracuse (formerly the Hotel Syracuse).  It is called Fashions at The Persian Terrace and that fashion show starts today at 11:30am.


In addition, the windows advertised other local businesses in the area including the Empire Brewing Co. and Painting with a Twist.  The latter is located at 3179 Erie Blvd. East in DeWitt, New York and was the only one to supply me with literature.  I love the idea of generating friends and family, as well as people of all ages to come together for a night of art making. Call (315) 447-2733 to schedule a visit soon!



I love that Syracuse is becoming more artsy.  That people are coming up with fun and innovative ways to get involved in the community.  We all need to get out more and explore our world, because something great is always happening right in our own backyards if we take the time to notice.  It is only a hop, skip and a jump away. <3