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Soflea Sophie

My sister owns two businesses: Syracuse Yoga (6181 Thompson Road, Suite 803, Syracuse, New York 13206) and Soflea, a small store operating in the basement of Wildflowers (217 S. Salina Street, Syracuse, New York 13203).

Sophia Tashkovski is part of the McCarthy Mercantile. Her collection of flea-market finds and antiques includes her signature horseshoes, brass trays, statuettes and wicker baskets, as well as furniture and rugs.

Items are one-of-a-kind gems and so, there are always new finds to covet, which always makes the shopping experience a fun adventure.

Hours of operation: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday. It’s open today!!! (you’re welcome <3) Enter Wildflowers then head to the basement where the collective of shoppes is housed.



I live in a one-hundred-twenty-year-old house, which tends to get dusty within minutes of dusting/cleaning, etc.  To promote wellness, I have lots of plants.  I go with a red and green plus neutrals color palette, so the greenery fits with the decor while helping me breathe the sweetness of fresh air.



This morning, as I face week two of cloistering, I thought about how I achieve wellness.  It is a state of mind that represents positive energy and is always with me despite the outside world’s attempt to create the fear of doom/gloom and mayhem.  My plants are not concerned about a health crisis (nor is my cat, Pablo, for that matter, who is loving having mommy at home).  I recently repotted them all with new soil and in larger pots, and they are thriving.  They are happy with just a bit of water and the low light sunshine they receive from the windows of my East Syracuse, New York American Bungalow.




They are alive.  They thrive.  They are happy.  They are well.  They bring peace and joy to my life.  It is my sincere pleasure to take care of them.


What does wellness mean to you?  Send me a photograph that utilizes the theme of wellness.  It can be a person, place or thing.  It can be an abstract notion or a portrait, landscape or still-life.  Show me wellness and together we will saturate social media with it.  Attach your images in the comments section.  My students – send yours to my school email address and we will make this an enrichment assignment towards your 4th quarter grade.




Let the wellness in, my friends.  Allow and receive.  Just…let it in. <3