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The Cuban Phenomenon


John Dowling’s inaugural art exhibition at the Dowling Art Center is nothing short of phenomenal.  I attended the opening reception on Thursday, June 23, 2016 – the show will be up all summer (if you didn’t get a chance to make it there yet).  The new gallery is located at 1632 Hawley Avenue, Syracuse, New York (13206).  It is home to John’s photography studio where he creates his own art, as well as providing archival inkjet printing and fine art reproduction services, and is home to this impressive gallery space, which he plans to both house art shows he curates and rent the space to artists for shows, workshops and meetings.

The theme for this exhibition is Cuba.


David Creedon is from Ireland.  He and a Spanish-speaking assistant travelled to Cuba to photograph the people.  John Dowling purchased rights to the photographs and reproduced and framed them for the art show.  Although none of the artwork in this show were yet labelled for sale, John said these are available for $300 each.



Here I am speaking with the artist – he told me that the Cuban people were really friendly, happy people.  They welcomed him into their homes and allowed him to snap whatever he pleased.  The one of the car in the living room is particularly stunning, isn’t it?  Viewing the photographs makes me desire a trip there – as Tina Fey says, “I want to go to there.”

David said the food is delicious and the atmosphere is sort of a throw back, almost like a 1950s meets modern-day.  The people don’t make a lot of money but there are a lot of free services, like PhD level education, health care, and food and other items are not expensive so it is all relative.


See more work by David Creedon at www.davidcreedon.com.


Abisay Puentes, like John, is one of my Facebook and Linkedin friends.  Unlike John though, I had never actually met him until this show.  His artwork has a surreal flavor and is hauntingly beautiful!




Here I am with Penny Santy.  We are listening to Abisay’s original instrumental music, which accompanies his work.  In this way, he creates a sort of phenomenological encounter, engaging all senses.  He has videos on youtube that you must check out!






The other artists in this show are a combination of locals who are from Cuba – most of them live in the Eastwood section of Syracuse near the gallery, or the work has been shipped in directly from Cuba!  It really is a must see!





Contact John Dowling for more information about the gallery space and this show specifically, including hours of operation – (315) 466-8189 or jdphoto@twcny.rr.com.