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Dish Babies



Gratitude is in abundance in November.  It is in the air we are breathing here in Syracuse, New York  The cold air that is making its journey across the ocean as I write this, which may actually bring with it a snow day or at least a two-hour delay on Monday (according to my meteorologist friend), is actually clearing our sinuses of the allergens from last season with every breath we take.

We are grateful for the freedom from headaches and nausea associated with said allergies, lol.  By we I mean specifically me, but I assure you, there are many who share the same sentiments.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we (again me, lol) are all more keen to bring conscious awareness to our love and appreciation for our lives – our families and the pets we love, our friendships both near and far, and all of the things we love (yes! like art!).


I hosted a dinner party last night along with my friend Bobbi Rock Petrocci – Friendsgiving 2017, our 3rd annual and the biggest to date with thirty people dining together in the private room at Grover’s Table in Fayetteville, New York.  It was a blessed evening.  I just feel so overwhelmed with gratitude and love for these amazing people.



Last week, I met Bobbi at the Half Moon Bakery & Bistro in Jamesville, New York to assist her in installing her latest exhibition of Christian Brothers Academy student artwork.  I did very little.  She is an epic installer, equipped with level, hammer, tiny nails and the perfect plan to display these very special diminutive plates.  I just provided the oh-that-looks-so-goods, and was the first to make a purchase.


They were made by CBA art club students in grades 7 – 12 for the purpose of fundraising for Hope for the Bereaved, a grief counseling group.  These dishes are infused with color and spiritual messages, and/or delicate imagery meant to allow the flow of positive energy to encompass the viewer and subsequent owner.  They are priced at $10 each.  You put your money in a jar on the counter and write your name on the accompanying master grid to secure the one you want.  A butterfly sticker is then placed under the purchased piece until November 30, 2017 when the show comes down and all the artwork are released to their respective new owners/homes.


These dishes epitomize kindness, the idea that we help each other heal; that children are just as capable as adults are to feel, express and share the positive vibe of love.  Each piece is unique.  I am sure that you will find one that speaks to you.

And while there, give thanks to amazing proprietor Debbe Titus who has been busily creating, crafting and baking pies to sell for Thanksgiving, as well as offering daily specials of breakfast and lunch – soups, salads and sandwiches that are very, very yummy – and of course, desserts like half moon cookies and pumpkin bread, cupcakes and all things deliciously amazing!  So grateful! <3


Sizzling Summer Ceramics




My new favorite place: the Half Moon Bakery & Bistro!  It is located at 6500 East Seneca Turnpike, Jamesville, NY (13078).



Cozy…and delicious!  The cupcakes are perfection.  This place reminds me of every Wayne Thiebaud painting I have ever seen.  Proprietor Debbe Titus prepared amazing quiche and salad (and iced coffee!!!) for my friend Bobbi Rock Petrocci, art teacher at Christian Brothers Academy, Dewitt, NY, and me last week when we visited to discuss our upcoming art exhibitions.  Mine will be during the month of October 2016.  We installed Bobbi’s show this morning.




Bobbi’s former student Beth L. helped too – a recent graduate who will be attending college in Albany this fall.  We used the technique I call measuring!  Lol – math and art are like two fingers crossed, as are art and every other subject in school.  There was a lot of measuring here – to make sure the shelving was of unified height and the same distance apart and to insure the shelves were level.  This part took the longest but once the structure was in place, everything made sense and the pieces fit beautifully.  It is the first ceramics show in the bakery!



It was really incredible watching Bobbi work out how to decorate this space.  It was as if her vision was coming alive before our eyes.  She used the small shelves to exhibit her own work alongside student work created during CBA’s Sizzling Summer Ceramics Camp.




Students created these pieces during the intensive one-week event.  The work will be on display through the month of August 2016.








For more information regarding this exhibition and the bakery including hours of operation, contact the owner at 315-492-0110 or check out the website – www.thehalfmoonbakery.com







More information to come regarding my show including a plan to have a little gathering/reception, maybe on a Sunday afternoon.  I will be showing a dozen paintings.  Super excited! <3  And Bobbi Rock Petrocci will be back in November 2016 with a new crop of CBA student ceramic art!  🙂