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Triple Whammy




So, here’s something crazy weird and great – I will be exhibiting artwork in three locations during the month of April 2017.  Showing watercolors – the ones with the baseball themed titles – at the Half Moon Bakery and Bistro in Jamesville, New York.  No date as of yet for the reception, but I am hoping they will do a baseball cake or cupcakes for it.  That will be fun for spring, right?


I’m installing an exhibit at Dolce Vita World Bistro in Syracuse, New York on April 2, 2017.  It would be nice to keep them up longer than a month, but no deets on this yet.  I would love to have a gathering one evening, maybe fill the dining room with friends and have music too, but I haven’t planned that far ahead.  Art shows are a great excuse for a party!  I will either exhibit the encaustic crown series from 2012 or something more retro – oil & collage paintings from 1998.  I don’t remember what I called this series.  I made them in the 2nd bedroom of my apartment on Woodbine Ave. during winter break that year.  Does anyone remember anything pre-new millennium?

CROWNING GLORY(11X14-12) (243x300)
Crowning Glory, 18″ x 15″, 2012, encaustic, $125
LIFE. LIBERTY. HAPPINESS., 18X36, 1997 (300x156)
Karen Tashkovski, Life. Liberty. Happiness., 1997, oil & collage, $675

And finally,  my 1997 oil & collage series of paintings Messages (From the Other Voice) is up in the Chittenango Middle School library, Chittenango, New York, for the next two months!

STRENGTH, 18X36, 1997 (300x159)
Karen Tashkovski, Strength, 18″ x 36″, 1997, oil & collage, $675

So happy to be able to share my artwork in public spaces (you know, to captive audiences).  New work is actually coming soon.  My sister is opening a yoga studio around the corner from my house.  I will be making encaustic paintings to exhibit and sell there. I’m going to be turning my kitchen into an art studio during spring break next month to get those (horseshoe paintings and maybe hearts too) ready for Syracuse Yoga’s opening in May 2017.

Those That Teach, Do!


There is this weird Catch-22 about the teaching profession.  I think I heard this growing up a lot. Those who can’t, teach.  It is such a strange statement.  And to grow up thinking your teachers are less intelligent than people who choose other professions – like being an engineer instead of a math teacher or being a rocket scientist instead of a science teacher, and in this case, being a professional artist instead of an art teacher…it’s so bizarre.  It was probably the reason I went into teaching reluctantly, because I perceived it as a death sentence to my creativity.  Of course, I was way off base.  Totally wrong.



In this town, there is this weird thing where people perceive the university professors as “better” artists than public school art teachers.  Again – utter stupidity.  In fact, the public school teachers have a much better gig.  There are very few full time art professors – most are part-timers without the benefits of a decent salary and amazing insurance plans.  So the teaching gig is actually the best possible outcome, especially for people like Barabara Vural, who took time off from making art on and off, while teaching and while raising her family, but somehow managed to still find time to create this massive inventory of work.





Barbara Vural’s current show at the Manlius Library in Manlius, New York proves my point.  She is sharing sixty years of artwork including current work that she has prolifically executed now that she has retired from teaching.



Here we see a body of work that contains different media (pastel, acrylic…) as well as landscapes, still-lifes and portraits that are as well executed as a Mary Cassatt.




Brilliant use of color – and lyrical rhythm that takes the viewer inside a beautiful mind.  There is so much beauty here – line quality that is so precise and just a complete mastery of art skill.



There were sold stickers on many of these pieces already.  Her prices are extremely reasonable, from $75 to about $1,000 depending on size and detail.



Artwork is on display until November 14, 2015.  Contact Barbara for more information including how to purchase and library hours, at bvural@twcny.rr.com.