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In the Flesh and Flora




It was only my second time at LeMoyne College.  I remembered which street to turn into to get to the parking lot that leads to the Noreen Reale Falcone Library on the campus in DeWitt, New York, but once inside, the Wilson Art Gallery was not where it used to be.  I guess they renovated since I was last there, lol.  It was sort of strange, coupled with the fact that I got the time wrong and missed the entire two hour party by fifteen minutes.  The art is currently gracing the walls directly opposite the front door, which allows it to greet all visitors in the captive-audience style.  It also appears as a larger space than the previous venue, which, I admit,  is a win-win.



The new show is titled Spring is on the Way.  It offers lovely floral incarnations by Judith Hand.  She is a retired art teacher who has worked at Westhill, as well as schools in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Massachusetts.  She is also a member of the Cazenovia Watercolor Society and a signature member of the Central New York Watercolor Society.



I found out about this show via Facebook.  Judy is a FB friend I hadn’t actually met until this day.  I told her I was a blogger and she said she knew; she’d just read about my student’s Google doodles that morning!



I shared that my Studio in Art students are working on landscapes in watercolor, so we talked shop for a bit.  And took a selfie, of course.  The art reception was yesterday (she’s sold five pieces!).  I  love the positive flavor of these pieces, the richness of color and, you know, the subject matter.  Who doesn’t love flowers?


There is plenty of time to view this show.  Judith Hand’s paintings will be on exhibit through March 2019.









Friendship & Art

Coach baseball cap, Halston Heritage dress, Karl Lagerfeld Paris boots





The closing reception for Art & Baseball, my watercolor show at Half Moon Bakery & Bistro, was sooooo much fun!  The baseball cupcakes were so cute, and delicious too.  I had a lemon one – yum!




I have such an amazing support system of love from my immediate family.  My sister Kathy and my mom were there and my dad stopped in after a long morning of tilling his vegetable garden.  My friend Penny was doing the same at her place in Sylvan Beach before coming!  I have the best friends and I know how fortunate I am to have them in my life.


Proprietor Debbe Titus said exactly that – “you have the best friends supporting you”.





After the reception and take down, my friend Kim and I drove over to her hair salon, Kimberly’s Salon at 2520 James Street in Eastwood (Syracuse, New York).  We hung the paintings there.  So that is the answer to the questions, when and where is your next show?  They will be up indefinitely and are available for sale in a cash & carry.  I will just replace them with more art.




Kimberly’s Salon hours of operation are as follows:  Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:00 am – 6 pm, Wednesdays & Fridays 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, and Saturdays 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Call (315) 463-2735 for more information.



I do have the very best friends a girl could ever ask for.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Today was such an amazing day in my universe.




Triple Whammy




So, here’s something crazy weird and great – I will be exhibiting artwork in three locations during the month of April 2017.  Showing watercolors – the ones with the baseball themed titles – at the Half Moon Bakery and Bistro in Jamesville, New York.  No date as of yet for the reception, but I am hoping they will do a baseball cake or cupcakes for it.  That will be fun for spring, right?


I’m installing an exhibit at Dolce Vita World Bistro in Syracuse, New York on April 2, 2017.  It would be nice to keep them up longer than a month, but no deets on this yet.  I would love to have a gathering one evening, maybe fill the dining room with friends and have music too, but I haven’t planned that far ahead.  Art shows are a great excuse for a party!  I will either exhibit the encaustic crown series from 2012 or something more retro – oil & collage paintings from 1998.  I don’t remember what I called this series.  I made them in the 2nd bedroom of my apartment on Woodbine Ave. during winter break that year.  Does anyone remember anything pre-new millennium?

CROWNING GLORY(11X14-12) (243x300)
Crowning Glory, 18″ x 15″, 2012, encaustic, $125
LIFE. LIBERTY. HAPPINESS., 18X36, 1997 (300x156)
Karen Tashkovski, Life. Liberty. Happiness., 1997, oil & collage, $675

And finally,  my 1997 oil & collage series of paintings Messages (From the Other Voice) is up in the Chittenango Middle School library, Chittenango, New York, for the next two months!

STRENGTH, 18X36, 1997 (300x159)
Karen Tashkovski, Strength, 18″ x 36″, 1997, oil & collage, $675

So happy to be able to share my artwork in public spaces (you know, to captive audiences).  New work is actually coming soon.  My sister is opening a yoga studio around the corner from my house.  I will be making encaustic paintings to exhibit and sell there. I’m going to be turning my kitchen into an art studio during spring break next month to get those (horseshoe paintings and maybe hearts too) ready for Syracuse Yoga’s opening in May 2017.

Wearable Art!




I have a BFA in Fashion Design, as well as in Studio Arts from Syracuse University.  I used to imagine being on the cover of WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) as a fashion designer.  All the headlines that would work.  Like TASH SPELLS CASH or if I was designing bathing suits, TASH MAKES A SPLASH.  There was TASH IS A SMASH, and, lol, if I put out a bad collection, TASH MAKES TRASH.




Being a fashion designer has never stopped being one of my deepest desires.  And now… I am!




www.redbubble.com has added new merchandise to include dresses, skirts, scarves, leggings and chiffon tops!  I spent about five hours last night updating my work.  I have several watercolor paintings on the site.  You can purchase all sorts of items designed with my original paintings’ images on them – phone cases, satchels, stickers, mugs….and now all of these clothes!




The quality of the image on the merchandise is really outstanding.  And there is a quick turn-around time.  Items are usually shipped within a week!  Right now they are offering a 20% off sale on all goods and in addition, the scarves are on a special sale.




I am sooooo excited about this!  This is a sample of the abundant choices in the Karen Tashkovski – Visual Artist line.  I will link each picture to its page on the site for easy access.










The Art of Craft


The above is my favorite picture taken at Craft & Craft at the Everson Museum of Art.  Taken by my friend Doug from that perch/Juliet balcony of the third gallery upstairs.


It was such a great experience selling artwork at the Everson!  My set up was right in front of the spiral staircase.

I M Pei Everson

The amazing architect I.M. Pei designed the building.  He also designed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame –

I M Pei rock and roll hall of Fame

and the glass pyramid entrance to The Louvre.

I M Pei Louvre

It was a beautiful day on Thursday and one that I will never forget.  I have always dreamed about doing something like this and so, it was a dream come true.  Loved every minute of it!


Thank you to all who attended including my Facebook friends, besties and loved ones.  I’m also so grateful to the staff of the Everson who helped me with the set up.  Everything was so well organized and it was so much fun.


And a special thank you goes out to my mother who came with me (we got there at 3 pm) and was my greatest supporter!  I didn’t get her home until 8:30ish so it was a long day.  She is a jewelry designer and had a few baubles for sale as well.


This event was meant as a kick off to the Downtown Syracuse Arts & Crafts  Festival.



The Arts & Crafts Festival continues today until 6 pm, so if you are a local, please get down there and support the arts.  So many talented people to discover!

downtown Syracuse arts and crafts fest


Happy Magic

Blue Mandala, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2001, $200
Blue Mandala, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2001, $200
Dark Magic, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Dark Magic, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200

Another day of packaging art!  I had framed about six of the 18″ x 24″ watercolors several years ago. Two are hanging up in my home.  I sold one to a friend from high school and the others are stored in the teeny closet in my second bedroom.  To get to them, you have to open a little munchkin door.  It’s very cute and one of the reasons I fell in love with my little bungalow.

Happy Tears, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Happy Tears, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200


The rest of the paintings are here – I finally packaged them, labelled and titled them, and they are ready to be sold.  If I don’t sell them at the Craft & Craft event, I might put them on my Shopify.com site.  I love that people will finally get to see them/buy them/enjoy them!

Royalty, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Royalty, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200
Paradigm Shift, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2001, $200
Paradigm Shift, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2001, $200
Paradox, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Paradox, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200

In addition to these pieces, I readied a gazillion more paintings in sizes 14″ x 20″, 12″ x 16″ and 9″ x 12″.  I will add them into this blog soon.  I am just so tired right now!  Sorta kinda giddy-tired, like I’ve fallen into a magical world and don’t want to escape giddy-tired.

Sky Creature, 18" x 24", 2001, $200
Sky Creature, 18″ x 24″, 2001, $200
Tunnel, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Tunnel, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200
Lifeline, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Lifeline, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200

I went on a bunch of errands this morning – to school to borrow my favorite yardstick and the table mat, to the vet for Pablo’s “wellness visit”, to do my walk-about at Green Lakes, to Empire Vision to get my sunglasses fixed, and a bunch of other things.  I’ve been working on this art business since…I want to say 2:00 pm and now it is after 11:00 and I’m not finished.

Heaven Sent, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Heaven Sent, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200
Riches, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Riches, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200
Feathering, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Feathering, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200

I really need to wrap this all up and put everything away.  Am having guests over this weekend and the dining room table looks like the aftermath of a tornado at the moment.

Rainbow Trail, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Rainbow Trail, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200
Magma, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Magma, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200

Aside from the mess though, I am in love with life right now.  Things seem to be happening in the way I have always wanted them to happen.  I’m grateful to my old self for having a giant prolific period because I have all of this work to share now in a time where a blog post is possible.  I’m grateful that I have a reason to prepare this work and it isn’t going to sit inside a veritable tomb any longer.

Hue - Intensity, 18" x 24", watercolor, 2002, $200
Hue – Intensity, 18″ x 24″, watercolor, 2002, $200

These are happy paintings.  They make me so happy and I love being surrounded by this much positive energy.  See, yeah.  Really giddy.



Grape Art Expectations

Now that school is in full swing, I’ve become a blog slacker.  I feel bad about that because I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be a quitter and then, you know how that goes, life happens, and all sorts of junk takes up the space of what was supposed to be art time.


I’m in a full stop pattern with regard to creating new artwork with the exception of art samples of lessons I create for my students.  This is such a weird thing.  Like a music teacher who doesn’t sing or a gym teacher who doesn’t exercise.  Drawing becomes this foreign language that has the magical capacity to come back to me (like riding a bike) when I do a demonstration in class and that is always a little weirdly wizard-like.



It’s not that I no longer believe in myself as an artist.  Last night I finally watched that movie filmed here in Syracuse – Adult World, about a girl who thinks she is going to be the next great poet and I have to say I found myself identifying with John Cusak’s professor character so much.  Yes, it’s great to believe in yourself but not everyone is going to be great on the first try was his mantra even though he had become a well-known poet in his youth.  I’ve been making art for many years but I am certainly no financial role model, no great business woman, and so I mostly give away my artwork, art that truth-be-told was made for myself as another character in that movie stated about his own, and not with the intent that someone else would get it and in the process get me, despite what I may have said in previous blog posts, lol.  So I guess that makes me both the successful and the emerging artist simultaneously.


I’ve had many art shows in the past, peddling my paintings all over the place, wherever opportunity smiled at me.  My watercolors were particularly of interest outside of this area possibly due to their formal principles-led abstract expressionist style.  I sold four to one person visiting Syracuse from NYC several years ago when they were on exhibit at Pastabilities Restaurant here in Armory Square, four or five to a friend from Connecticut, many to my patrons in South Florida, several during a stint with a gallery in Rockville, Maryland and this one in Boston.  For a year about ten years ago or so, I was the house artist for a hair salon (known as the Best of Boston according to Vogue magazine at the time) James Joseph Salon. http://www.jamesjosephsalon.com/


As I reflect on these photographs, I can’t even remember which pieces I’ve sold or given away as gifts and which are still in my possession.  They are all currently wrapped in brown paper and stored away in a hidey-hole.  Such is the way of the world for an artist with a lot of inventory who, for a self-professed organized person, keeps lousy records.


My www.linkedin.com activity has summoned another opportunity though, and many of these pieces will see the light of day and maybe even get a chance to live on the walls of strangers’ homes instead of cluttering up my limited storage space.  I was invited to participate in an event called Grape Expectations, a wine tasting benefit to raise money for Catholic Charities of Oswego, NY.  It’s happening Sunday, September 28th, 2014 from 3-6 pm at the River Vista in Fulton, New York.  Kathy’s Cakes will cater and Canvas Moon’s going to perform.  Tickets are $25.




It will probably blow my mind if someone comes up to me and says, “I read your blog” or something to the effect that acknowledges I am in some way successfully navigating a marketing strategy that will catapult me from rock bottom to someplace else.  But of course, you can only go up once you hit bottom and that is the kind of optimistic course I choose to plot while wearing my Dorothy costume and humming Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

dorothy costume 001