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Every Second Sunday

I visited City Market at the Everson Museum of Art on Sunday. Walked around before it rained and met some new-to-me vendors, as well as old friends.

Randy Casciano of Salt City Salvage creates tables from vintage filing cabinets and bird houses with wine crates, among other repurposed items. He does not have a website yet (working on it) but his email is Randy@SaltCitySalvage.com. I love his work. I want everyone of these birdhouses, especially the copper roof one!

Barbara Floch had a beautiful display of her papier-mache crafted jars, sea shells and jewelry. She has a space at the Delavan Center and calls her company Gypsy Girl Designs. Find her at www.gypsygirldesignsandcreations.com.

Ken Nichols and his lovely wife Kris sold his handmade ceramic bowls and mugs. When I stopped by, they had a large crowd of fans gathered around. Ken is at this event every second Sunday, of the month 10:00 am-5:00pm, May through October 2021.

Goodies Mediterranean Grill & Cuisine was represented with to-go versions of their delicacies. As the sign indicates, they are located at 3605 James Street. Call (315) 433-1003 for more information.

David McKenney of GBD Studio (glass by Dave) presented his glassworks. He can be reached at (315)373-3078 if you would like to make a purchase.

Jane Zell was the musical guest. She is FABULOUS! This video is on my http://www.youtube.com channel. Yes, I have one! <3


Yesterday I walked around Ruskin Avenue in the Strathmore area of Syracuse, New York.  Art on Porches is an annual event with artisans displaying their wares on the porches of these beautiful homes – as well as under small tents on front lawns and by the sidewalk.




There was music, food and my new favorite thing in the world – iced coffee, provided by Recess Coffee!



Dorothy Wilcox creates these exquisite dream catchers.  She gathers vines and allows them to speak to her – to sort of tell her how they want to be woven.  I felt like her booth was definitely the most soothing of all the displays due to the breadth of her collection.



It was set up in her front yard!  Her company is called Yonder Hill Specialties and you can reach her at (315) 440-2012.





I bought a small print from Jamie Ashlaw.  He is an art teacher in the Westhill district.  Jamie creates these paintings of local signs that have a vintage flavor.  I loved his work!  I asked him if he would be interested in exhibiting at the Chittenango Middle School library for next school year and he said yes!!!!


For information on acquiring his work, contact him at his Delavan Center studio at (315) 529-4501 or email him at jamieashlaw@hotmail.com




Ray Kowalski is a professor at Syracuse University.  His glazes are spectacular. He said he learned how to layer them by working with his good friend Margie Hughto.


Contact Ray at (315) 420-3113 or rgkowalskipottery@gmail.com.  He has a website too.  It is www.raykowalski.com.


This is Tim See with his work.  I blogged about him once before and he became a Facebook friend!  He is part of the IPA- Independent Potter’s Association and sells his work at Clayscapes, the Gandee Gallery and other local venues.




Bicycle chain and tire art is the specialty of Rob Niederhoff.  He has an Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/UpCycling4ACause).  Fifty percent of his sales go to support orphan hosting through New Horizons for Children!




Barbara Floch had a magnificent little set up using vintage luggage as risers.  She creates jewelry in her studio at the Delavan Center (501 W. Fayette St., Syracuse, NY 13201).  Her company is called Gypsy Girl Designs.  Contact her at (315) 263-3407 or gypsygirl62@yahoo.com.



It was such a beautiful day for this event.  Loved, loved, loved meeting all the artists.  I bought several other things including another Michelle DaRin bracelet – I have decided I want my arms to look like her display racks.  I absolutely love her style!  She totally rocks!  www.michelledarinjewelry.com.